Near the largest Icelandic volcano Katla an earthquake

Near the largest Icelandic volcano Katla seismic activity has increased significantly. In recent days, scientists have recorded several small earthquakes, according to Associated Press.

"This is one of the most dangerous volcanoes, so we closely follow him. Earthquakes near Katla happen regularly, but quite unusual, is now a series of small earthquakes occur almost every ten minutes, "- said Pall Einarsson of the University of Iceland.

Volcanic activity around Katla started to increase in July, but has only recently reached the tremors of magnitude 3.0.

Iceland is located in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a high level of volcanic activity. Large volcanic eruptions have occurred repeatedly in the history of Iceland, says Associated Press.

Scientists can not predict the exact time of the eruption of volcanoes, but we know that the earthquake may be preceded by volcanic activity.

Last year, the volcano Eyyafyadlaekyudl, much smaller in size than Katla, a few days has paralyzed air travel in Europe because of the volcanic ash cloud.

As the history of Iceland, a volcano often wakes after eruptions on Eyyafyadlaekyudle. Katla erupts every 80 years, and the last time he woke up in 1918.

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