Need a brand new Constitution of the Russian Federation?

The political life of the country, for all variations of skeptics definitely impresses with its diversity. Hardly had time to subside udaltsovskie calls to go out and stand up to the moment when the power in the Kremlin will not go into the hands of the "right" of the political forces, Ksenia Sobchak just managed to recover their hard earned 1.5 million euros, and almost scandalously popular punk band managed for all "progressive" West become "prisoners of conscience", and suddenly manifested politaktivnost is completely mind-boggling on the other flank.

We are talking about took place not so long ago, in the walls of the State Duma of the round table, who wore a very intriguing title "The Constitution as the basis of sovereignty." The main protagonist, opened the round table was the Russian legislator, a member of the parliamentary faction "United Russia", the municipal councilor Russian Federation Yevgeny Fyodorov. He invited all the audience identify their sights on the modern Russian Constitution, which will melt the main Russian law since 1993.

It would seem that if the self roundtable opens the MP from the party "United Russia", and besides, a member of its Central Political Council, and that the statements of the participants about the current Constitution can hardly wait for the critical notes. But in the process of gathering heard speeches not that I was critical notes, and a alarm, the buzz of which boiled down to the fact that the current version of the main Russian law is simply not acceptable to the people of, in other words, for each of the participants, and, respectively, for each of us. With all this, it seemed that after the speech of the Constitution subsequent criticism he will have a different point of view. But the speakers change each other, and the more time that passed since the beginning of the discussion, the more it became clear that for the so-referred to as a round table was very filtered by the audience, which is completely and absolutely inclined to the opinion, that the Constitution must necessarily change.

Unusual way at the table was the man who brought with him neither more nor less, the latest Russian draft Constitution, printed in printing option. That man was Stepan Sulakshin who served as CEO of the organization under the name "Center for Problem Analysis and the Governance." By the way, on the website of the organization headed by S.S.Sulakshinym, a description of such work as "scientific model of the modern Constitution of Russia."

Sovereign Sulakshin in a very unique shape told the crowd that the current primary law just bad, for it is not spelled out many of the items which, in the views of the professional, certainly self-explanatory. Namely, Sulakshin states that it is necessary not just to point out that our homeland — the sovereign government, but also carefully prescribe what this very sovereignty, because the absence of such Tipo concept gives rise to the prosperity of various extremist organizations. In its own "constitution" Stepan carefully explains that after all this sovereignty, also gives detailed and frank ornate identify other concepts encountered. With all this he was a creator proud that prepared them brand new constitution three times as much of the "old" and, apparently, it should have more chances to provide the main law in Russia …

Certainly, no one thinks fluctuate Stepan Sulakshina talent, but, honestly, neither the "new constitution", or many of its provisions do not cause tribute to piety. Ah well defines "stuffing" of the document prepared himself emperor Sulakshin and other creators of the organization he headed:

"We propose substantive and legal-technical methodology for the construction of the Constitution, which embodies a similar logic and luck mathematicized method applicable to each country."

If this phrase is intended to explain the ordinary meaning of the latest average Russian Constitution, then there can only say one thing: it's time to empty … Scary to imagine how my grandmother would be torn from the shops at the entrances or the ordinary workers in the shops of factories to try to understand this document, which "Legal and technical" and even in the appendage and "identical logic-mathematicized." Here, from now-the supreme law of awareness prepyadstviya many are present, and with difficulty, "the Center for Problem Analysis" will be complete stupor.

But even if we try to discard all this terminology plaque, which artfully presented Stepan Sulakshin (creator of the "new Constitution"), many of the provisions of this document and in the ordinary reading raise questions.

In 1-x, is it clear why must come to naught risk of extremism and separatism in Russia, if Stepan in his own work well, and will prescribe that after all this "Russian sovereignty. " Neuzh a bearded terrorists who had taken refuge in the mountain forests of the North Caucasus, or their Saudi sponsors carry out their anti-state activities, referring only to the Russian Constitution? Like, yeah! — There is a basic law of a suitable definition — is where we've got suicide bombers? — This way all of them! But the definition could be — then, no, no …

In-2, the emperor Sulakshin declares that the Constitution is necessary to prescribe the mechanism of public evaluation of the president with the possibility of a public warning about the mismatch position. Based on these public assessments on the views of the same creator of the project, can be repeated three times to tell the president that his work does not fit some defining the rules and regulations then impeached. However, in this case, it is not clear what "public evaluation." May have to call a national Chamber squares Russian cities. But these, I'm sorry, "Veche" we have in the near future is not far away associated with the held view of the majority, but with imaginary principles, dumped outside. Maybe it is a question of parliamentary evaluation of the president, but our homeland — while obviously not the country where the parliament represents the world outlook of the vast majority of people of.

Sovereign and other Sulakshin gathered shared the outlook of that, because the current Constitution was adopted in 1993 (during the Yeltsin era), it is an urgent need to throw to the dustbin of history. The current Constitution was named Russophobian frankly, since it only once the word "Russian", and even then with regard to the concept of "Russian language". With all this all came together on a world that is necessary to use the phrase "Russian people and other peoples." This Tipo will determine precisely where the essence of the Russian Federation.

No, certainly, the idea of promoting the Russian civilization is understandable, particularly since the Russian civilization been advocating state-forming factor. But with the other hand, our homeland — is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious government (though, under the current version of the Basic Law). Interestingly, like the creators of the newest ideas reacted to the phrase "other peoples", if I do belong to these people. It turns out that if segodnyaschy Constitution Russophobe, then it is also the chechenofobskaya and udmurtofobskaya and tatarofobskaya because the mention of these and other people in it generally does not occur. Then it is a new project openly discriminatory. Yes, at least some adequate ethnic Russian citizen of the Russian Federation the term "representative of another people" obviously alarming.

Curiously, during a round table meeting rais
ed the issue of the so-called curve Russian viability. According to the schedule presented in the consultative Duma hall, where he held a round table, it appears that our current home at approximately the level of socio-political development of the state and viability, which corresponds to 1800 … In other words, our country, judging by historical analogies, it is soon to enter into full-scale war … Where did these "analytical" assessment is hard to say, but even this is not important. The main thing is that the MP-edinoros, reflecting on the information presented graphics, declares that the Constitution of the change, of course, necessary, but only the level of our political development now can not do it. Say, we are almost on the verge of "Napoleon" of the war, and so you only need to wait a little it is finished, and then — go ahead, sir Sulakshin with the project …

In general, it is possible to further delineate the actions that took place during the discussion in the State Duma, October 11, 2012, but the fact is that it was like all the weird spectacle. The performance clearly overextended because at the 140th minute of the one of the participants even "pecked his nose," apparently under the surging dreams of a brand new Russian constitutional system … With all of this does not even fully understand what is the purpose of the play. Because in fact, there was then, as gathered in the Russian Parliament relaxed discussed on plans for a coup or a municipality, or pressure on the public to review the principles of the existence of the Russian state.

Just all those gathered for the "round table" should be recalled that in the game by changing the Constitution though what about the awkward and comfortable in what is not a great result. Even if there is a basic law of any applicable prirekaniya, then redraw this law one hundred percent — a step closer to counterproductive. In the end, if you write a new constitution every 15-20 years and 15-20 years in time to take them, then our country will continue to throw out of the frying pan into the fire. What really is the base of sovereignty …

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