New eruption of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk mud volcano, scientists have recorded

Traces of a new eruption detected during a visit to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk mud volcano group of scientists from the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics.


As the press service of the Institute, the approximate time of the event — from February to May. Formed a new mud field, located in the center of a powerful kotloobrazny griffin. Study it in more detail and take samples of the gas and the mass does not allow mobile surface tumors. On its outer perimeter formed new griffins sizes. In addition, the observed shift of the surface layers on existing tectonic disturbances in the frame of the central field of the volcano.
Mud volcano in 2009
The new field

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Oleg Melnikov (who died in August 2010) for many years studied the mud volcano. He noted that one reason activation is an increase in volcanic activity, seismic activity in the region. A. Melnikov traced this kind of communication Takoyskim swarm of earthquakes in 2001, of the mining (2006), and Nevelsk (2007) seismic events.

The boundary of the shaft

Now Sakhalin scientists to find out was whether the new mud volcano eruption in response to the March massive earthquake in Japan. To determine the exact time of the eruption, experts IMGG FEBRAS asking anyone who was in the period from February to May in the vicinity of the volcano and you notice any unusual symptoms, report it by phone. 8-914-762-22-04.

Sakhalin is the only region in the Russian Far East, where the known terrestrial mud volcanoes. One of the largest, active and learning are Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk mud volcano, which is located 20 kilometers north-west of the regional center. Reliably recorded major eruption of the volcano in 1959, 1979 and 2001. In the time between eruptions of the volcano is characterized by the so-called Gryphon activities. From small eruptive devices — Griffin — is the outpouring vodogryazevoy mixture and bubbles of gas. Number of griffins, their form and nature of the change over time depending on many factors, including the endogenous nature.

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