New filter in CHP-5 is to prevent black snow in Omsk

Structural unit of the Omsk branch of "TGC-11" TPP-5, which, according to the RPN may become a source of black snow falling last week in Omsk, intends to launch a new filter cost of 180 million rubles, the company said.

Precipitation in the form of black snow fell on Friday night in the Leninsky district of Omsk, the regional center is the second time in a week. Two days before a similar precipitation — the substance of dark gray — covered Volga district. Rosprirodnadzor experts analyzed the black snow, the composition of the substance stained the precipitation was identical to the ash. Among the suspects in the plant's emissions Rosprirodnadzor called Omsk branch of LLC "Omsktekhuglerod" and HPP-5.

In turn guidance "Omsktekhuglerod" accused agency in that it called illegal enterprise likely culprit of the accident. Press service of the plant said that the company intends to apply to law enforcement authorities to identify those responsible in the loss of reputation of the company.

"Due to the steady windless frosty weather in Omsk regime declared adverse weather conditions, during which the CHP Omsk branch of" TGC-11 "measures are taken to minimize emissions to the atmosphere. Addition, until 22 December 2012 at the CHP-5 will be launched commissioned a new boiler precipitator number 7. investment in the project amounted to about 180 million rubles, "- said in a statement.

The company notes that the divisions "TGC-11" in the period of abnormal cold work with the extra load, smoothly, fully meeting the needs of residents of Omsk in the thermal and electrical energy.

"Emissions of all sources of air pollution — industrial, boiler, motor industry, operating under cooling with increased load, sometimes lead to short-term concentrations of pollutants, and the loss of hair on the ground. Nevertheless energy keep the situation under constant review," — noted in the CHP.

Unusual rainfall occurs in Omsk before.

In August this year Rosprirodnadzor recorded loss in precipitation in the form of a white powder, which later turned out harmless catalyst dust from the Omsk oil refinery "Gazprom oil". The company was fined, but disputed his guilt in court. Similar fallout in Omsk and in October, the environmental agency also imposed a fine on the production.

In addition, in 2007, the supervisory authority recorded in Omsk dropout "yellow snow", which has become such an unnatural color due to dust storms in Asia.

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