Newspaper Storage Building — the last refuge for prints

It seems that the world began to remember that electronic media will soon supplant the paper completely, and that such a "gimmick" as a newspaper or magazine you only see in the photo, and then e. So meet: High-tech facility Newspaper Storage Building, that will contain about 750 million pages created over the past 300 years!

This is a collection of local, regional and national newspapers, including «The Press» and predecessor «The Yorkshire Evening Press»

Building height — 24 meters. These parameters were chosen to ensure good storage conditions for newspapers. Thus, the level of oxygen, humidity, and light will be maintained at a certain level.

The oxygen level in the sealed housing will be reduced from 20% to 14.6%. In addition, they will take all necessary fire safety measures. Regardless of the outside temperature and humidity inside the building will be maintained constant temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and humidity 52.5 percent.

The new center will be one of the most high-tech storage of newspapers in the world

Described conditions contrasted with the current repository, located in the northern part of London, Colindale (Colindale), where there is no possibility to control humidity and temperature.

Newspapers will be placed on robotic racks with a height of over 20 meters, each issue of the newspaper will get a specific bar code, which will allow the right moment to find the desired output.

Visitors to the British Library in London will be able to read old newspapers in the reading room, this order must be done within 48 hours.

Soon the construction of shelving will be completed, and within six months of the collection will be forwarded from London to Boston, about three trains a day.

Minister of Culture, Mr Vaizey: «This is fantastic! It will be one of the greatest collections of newspapers in the world. There will be collected editions from the 18th century, will include not only the number of national newspapers, but local newspapers from all over the country "



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