Noctis Labyrinthus — golden labyrinth of Mars

Space vehicles "Mars Express» (Mars Express), launched in 2003, for more than 8 years of being on the orbit of Mars, pleases fans of the Martian landscape for its amazing photographs.

Space research probe "Mars Express" has spent nearly ten years researching the surface of the Red Planet. In the archives of the mission a lot of amazing photos of some Martian regions.

If a little digging in the archives, you'll find a truly awesome and unique images of Martian surface. One of these photos was specifically found in the archive and presented for all to see. It is a composite picture of one of the Martian regions known as Noctis Labyrinthus.

"This picture can even be called glamorous" — said Bill Dunford (Bill Dunford) of the planetary community.

«Noctis Labyrinthus» translated into Russian as "Night Maze" or the "Labyrinth of Night." It is located in the western region of Mars «Valles Marineris». For the first time a spacecraft "Mars Express" sfotografirval "Night Maze" in June 2006.

"The Labyrinth of Night" — is the largest maze on Mars. It is a complex of intersecting valleys that stretches for 1,200 km, connecting the western end of the Valles Marineris the north end of the furrows Claritas. Center of the maze has the coordinates of 6.36 ° S lat. sh. 101.19 ° s. etc.

Labyrinth of Night of Nights inherited the name of the lake — the dark parts of albedo, which is found in the ground-based observations in the 19th century.

Labyrinth of Night is elevated, reaching a height of 11 kilometers. Valleys that form a labyrinth of Night, is a graben. In many parts of them overlap rounded recess (possibly craters enhanced erosion).


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