Noreaster — unrelenting snow storm

Residents of the northeastern United States is still reeling from the blow, "Sandy" as on Wednesday received a new knock-out. Blasting mix of wet snow, high winds and sub-zero temperatures brought to the altar of the new elements of the American blekaut and transport paralysis.

Watch Nor'easter — another blow to America

By 10 pm ET, about 10 mm of wet snow fell on the streets of New York, suffered greatly from the "Sandy" less than a week ago.

Soon after, Elizabeth Flagler, a spokeswoman for the City Hall, reported power outages in 100 thousands of apartments in the storm. "If it was just a storm, we would have easily solved this problem, but in this case its a triple, in the form of thunderstorms, snow and wind"? Elizabeth said.

According to recent reports, no electricity sit almost 200,000 families.
Forecast was justified in its entirety, both the estimated time of the disaster, and the intensity of hazards. In Connecticut, fell to 20 mm snowfall drifts formed on the roads.

The temperature passed through 0 to negative values. Wind gusts along the coast reached 96 km / h

Nor'easter or the American northeast accompanied by the traditional strong cold snap. In New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the average temperature is 6? 8 degrees deviated from the norm.

On the night of November 7 marked the first frost, and the day was not over +3 … +5. Temperature and weather phenomena, and even in front of daytime temperature will be below zero.

Air Gates "Big Apple" closed again. Airlines serving the airport in Newark, LaGuardia and International them. John F. Kennedy canceled all or a significant number of its reysov.K Wednesday evening many of the roads of New York iced over, sometimes piled up 13-centimeter drifts.

The authorities have advised passengers to consult before flying with the carrier.



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