Not questioned, the court. No court, arrest

KGB and police continued persecution of activists in the regions. On questioning not only cause the protesters on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19, but those who were not there. And in Grodno police seek re-arrest nephew Yaroslav Romanchuk, who was already serving a sentence for participating in the Plaza.


Acting deputy kept in the KGB two o'clock

On questioning by the KGB in Mogilev cause of trustees of the former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski.

In the KGB office in Asipovichy was called Alexei Tyulkov — Acting Deputy Gdańsk district council, created by the activist of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy".

During the interrogation, the KGB is one of the first questions the investigator Vadim Morozov was — what was going to Minsk? Question opposition activist considered invalid:

"They tried to get me to answer that, but I'm very hard on it said that I will not answer. And they of me behind."

The KGB Alex Tyulkov spent two hours. He says that he spent time as sense of questioning can not explain to myself:

I was just surprised that I did not cause so much time …

"Maybe they were trying to intimidate, but it does not work. After all, people already know about these interrogations. Least for me there was nothing wrong from what I have come to the KGB. All proxies Vital Rymasheuski cause. I was just surprised, so much time that I did not cause. "

Says Alex Tyulkov December 19 to Minsk, he did not get. He was detained in Pukhovichi area. Taken to the local police station.

Call in the KGB old lists

Meanwhile, the KGB interrogation awaits Mogilev activist of the civil campaign "Our House" Paul Voroshilov. The notice stated that he knows, but in any case — is unknown. The point is hidden behind a set of numbers. Calling detective Andrew Roshchina weird for a guy:

"Maybe because I'm very involved in the election campaign."

Reporter: "Is it forbidden?"

"According to the Constitution and other laws — of course not, but from the point of view of the authorities it seems, is prohibited."

Paul Voroshilov on the Square was not. The heads of the plant, where does a guy ordered a day off work.

Do not stay in Mogilev given special attention and independent journalists. The other day, at five o'clock in the morning local policeman and an unknown man who came with him, tried to talk to Ales Burakov. In the yard that was not there. Father early guests the door is not opened. A journalist at the Plaza and was not at all was outside Belarus. Attention to his personality Ales Burakou explains the activity of the Mogilev youth who holds shares of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners.

"In 2006, I was arrested on October Square in Minsk during the previous presidential campaign — that they just raised the old lists, and now there are on these lists to all active people to prevent them from participating in the protest."

Vitebsk Region

Activist Leonid Autukhou questioned by the KGB

Chairman of the department of the Belarusian Popular Front party town of the district center, an activist of the "Tell the Truth" Avtukhov came in for questioning, when carried to the local police department documents to replace the old passport:


"I picked the paper, I think, will change the passport. Phone call:" Hello, this is the police chief. "I said," So I'm in the police station! "He asks," Wait, you want to talk to the KGB. "I asked in what capacity. Answer:" As a witness. You're 19th in Minsk were not? Therefore no charges against you. But you knew it would be in Minsk on the 19th? "I said," Of course he knew! Everyone knew that! "

December 19 Avtukhov was an observer at the elections to the Borough. Drive off in Minsk failed: he was haunted by unknown persons who had accompanied him to the car late at night.

13th January, Leonid Autukhou KGB officers searched. Took only a few drives and flash drives — in fact the computer in an activist previously confiscated for non-payment of fines. The fines were imposed by courts for holding the stock with a white-red-white flags, but the opposition unemployed can not pay to the state budget of more than 10 thousand rubles a month.

February 7, Leonid Autukhou again summoned to Gorodok district court to recall the debt:

"To pay a penalty every month pay 10,000, plus a computer seized, sold on account of the fine for 360,000. Still remains 166,000!"

In court, the activist said again that he is paying too slow for the delay and that he could face a new administrative punishment.

Khamaida detained again

Boris Khamaida

An administrative penalty threatened and Vitebsk opposition Boris Khamaida — also per share with a white-red-white flag.

Well-known activist in the city on February 7 was released to distribute the independent press under white-red-white flag. So he decided to continue his declared at the beginning of the year event "in 2011 — the year of the national flag", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Belarusian independence.

On the first day of the action, the 3rd of January, Boris Khamayda detained. Last week, when the trial ended on this fact, opposition leader acquitted. Railroad District Court Judge Elena Tsygankova decided to cancel the deal because it did not see the actions of Mr. Khamajda of the offense.

However police officer by the name of Fishermen, who was a witness at the trial, detained opposition leader again:

"In the beginning, he said that the Regional Court to reconsider that decision. I said:" The judge considered all … "And he said:" Who would consider another. This judge does not understand anything! "Well, as it does not understand? She's considered by law …" No, you have violated article was unauthorized picketing! "- Says. Took me to the police station before photographed, as I stood with the flag."

In the railway police station in Khamaida Boris took the flag under which he was standing near the so-called "blue house" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street in Vitebsk. The police explained that the flag would be material evidence in court.

Grodno region

His nephew Yaroslav Romanchuk police hunt again

Arthur Romanchuk

Nephew Yaroslav Romanchuk — Arthur Romanchuk received a court order requiring it to serve another 9 days of punishment. December 20 he was sentenced to 12 days, but three days later was released from prison Zhodinskaya.

Arthur Romanchuk studying in Poland, and now come home for the holidays. And immediately granted him the policeman with the decision. He says he had to go to the district at once, but he has a high fever.

Romanchuk"I must have the flu, because the high temperature, sore throat laid down, the nose too. Yesterday the temperature was
38, now a little lower."

As for the judgment, which was brought by a local policeman, Arthur Romanchuk very surprised by this turn of events.

"I myself do not understand it, and the lawyer who has 40 years of experience, the first time confronted with that first released, and then re-planted. Whom do you say no — all are surprised."

Earlier, the prison administration in Zhodino said that Arthur was released because he is a student of a foreign university. Arthur himself says that is not fully aware of this, but I saw the FAQ, under which he was released for health reasons.

Arthur's mother, Svetlana Romanchuk Romanchuk adds that the decision of the court, no one can cancel and it is valid for three months. She also asked for what reason then released her son.

Romanchuk: "He was released then on the basis of a medical certificate, that he was allegedly syndrome, a type of epilepsy. Yesterday, I was already in a state of that area called home and asked — is that true? Son says he did with it was not like this" .

Mrs. Svetlana says that changed her mind very different and it is very worried. She says the man, if he was such a state, he simply does not remember anything. In this case, adding that before his son never anything like this happened.

Romanchuk: "I do not know what to think here, because the son says that this was not. And yesterday talked with the doctor, and he says he can not remember this. But the son said to him it was not."

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