On a magnetic track already has the presence of man

The first in the history of mankind spacecraft leaving the solar system, came to the "magnetic track"

American astronomers told them about the running probe Voyager 1, which will soon become the first spacecraft, left the solar system. The probe has reached a "magnetic tracks" at the turn of our planetary system and can cross the line in the coming months, according to the website NASA.

"Magnetic track" on the border of the solar system is a stream of charged particles in the place where the magnetic field lines of the Sun meet with interstellar lines of force. At the moment, Voyager 1 is still in the heliosphere — the "bubble" on the edge of the solar system, beyond which lies the interstellar medium. The probe is in bed with the heliospheric December 2004 — all the time in the solar wind reduced his speed and strength of the magnetic field was growing.

"We believe that this is the last leg of our journey into interstellar space. We assume that output abroad take from several months to a couple of years ", — said the supervisor of the project, Edward Stone.

"We are seeing a magnetic region that have not seen anywhere else — is ten times more intense, but the evidence suggests that we are not yet in interstellar space — said Leonard Burlaga, a member of the team of magnetic measurements Voyager. — We assume that the data on the magnetic field will tell us when the machine reaches of interstellar space. "

The probe Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 with the Voyager 2. Since Voyager 1 has done a tremendous way and greater distance from the Sun by 18 billion miles away and becoming the most flown spacecraft. Voyager 2 has put a different kind of record, becoming the spacecraft, which was the longest running man (he distanced himself from the sun is 15 billion kilometers).


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