On Mars, found organic molecules

Scientist from NASA explained about the "incredible find" on Mars: found organic molecules

Mars rover Curiosity found on the Red Planet simple organic molecules, announced a representative of NASA, whose colleagues had previously promised to tell about done on Mars' incredible discovery of historic proportions. " Detailed data experts are going to give the public no earlier than December 3 — then in San Francisco will begin meeting of the American Geographical Union.

We are talking about organic and non-biological molecules, which would indicate the presence of life, announced the opening of said at a press conference in Rome's Sapienza University, Charles Elachi, the head of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in charge of the research mission.

«Curiosity is not equipped with hardware capable of recognizing biological forms," — said the scientist. He expressed the suspicion that the media have "high expectations" in connection with the announcement of the discovery indicates an Italian television channel Tgcom24.

"While this is, of course, the preliminary findings are yet to be confirmed," — Charles Elachi cites Itar-Tass. However, if the presence of organic molecules in the samples is proven, it will be an important finding, because they are the precursors of life and form the basis of living matter, added the scientist. The new data will allow experts to get closer to unraveling existed on the Red Planet to any form of life.

In turn, Guy Webster, a spokesman for the laboratory NASA, tracks the movement of Curiosity, said reports about the latest discovery will be interesting, but not epoch-making, according to The New York Times. He suggested that the words of the incredible discovery that are treated as a breakthrough for humanity in the study of the universe, just been misunderstood and therefore gave rise to numerous speculations in the press on this topic.

Apparently, the misunderstanding is because the principal investigator of the mission Curiosity John Grottsinger the discussion with reporters last week exploring Mars Curiosity interpreted the current mission as "historic", and the press suffered this definition to the last samples collected at the device surface of the Red Planet, said PC Mag.

Curiosity rover landed on Mars on August 6. Curiosity installed on board of 10 scientific instruments a total weight of 75 pounds, which allows the unit the size of a car to carry out detailed geological and geochemical studies, to study the atmosphere and climate of the planet, look for water and traces of the organic matter.


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