On the Day of homeless animals shelter volunteers will visit St. Petersburg

On August 16, the International Day for homeless animals, Petersburg zoozaschitniki hold a demonstration in which are planning to visit the city shelters.

Organizers — V-club, "the Alliance for Animal Rights" and "Baltic animal welfare" — invited to join them all those who want to do something to help four-legged homeless. The shelters for homeless animals always need hands-free — you can even walk the dog, teach them to leash, to help clean the cages and cages or photograph the animals and put the picture in the internet, so people can choose a pet.

You can sign up for action"In Touch"or just get together with friends and go to the nearest shelter yourself.

On 24 and 25 September from 12.00 to 19.00 at the Palace of Culture. Gorky, an exhibition-distribution animal shelter "Rzhevka" where anyone can pick up free liked mustache-striped and caudate another home. In addition, the exhibition will receive financial assistance for homeless animals — the list of needed items is on the site http://dogs-rzv.spb.ru.


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