On the surface of Mars, found the conditions for life

The sensational discovery made on the Red Planet Mars Rover Suriosity. On the surface of Mars for the first time found evidence of water — photographed the rover bed of an ancient stream. This was reported by NASA.

The bed of the stream, scientists noticed when studying rover made a picture piece of conglomerate, which is formed of cemented layers of gravel. The shape and size of the grains, which have a circular, water run-shape, testified that the photographs were sealed bottom of an ancient stream. "Form (grains) indicates that they are moved along the surface. But do not force them to move the wind, it was a stream of water, "- said one of the leaders of the mission Curiosity Rebecca Williams.

Researchers have even managed to figure out what was the depth and the speed of the current. "Water flowed into him at about 3 feet per second (0.9 meters per second), and the depth was somewhere between ankle and hip, — the University of California, William Dietrich. — A number of studies have been written about the Martian canals, and many hypotheses have been put forward that the streams flowing over them. But this is the first time that we are actually seeing on Mars gravel brought by water. "

Old channel is in the northern part of the crater Gale. The fact that in this place before flowing water, scientists have suspected before. This, in particular, showed satellite images: they captured apron rocks with water flowing through the valley of the crater. According to NASA, the creek flowed in this area is not one or two years, and a fairly long period.

Now scientists are going to investigate the chemical composition of rocks from the dry riverbed, which will, in particular, to learn more about the geological structure of the crater Gale. It is possible that in the creek could inhabit living organisms. "This is not the best place for living organisms, but a guarantee that we have found the first potentially habitable environment," — said one of the researchers, John Grottsinger.

Recall, the rover Curiosity, NASA cost the $ 2.5 billion, successfully arrived at the Red Planet on August 6. The photographs sent by Curiosity earlier, were sealed with small spherical bodies, resembling not a drop, not the bubbles. Experts have dubbed them the Martian "blueberries" and suggested that the finding may be evidence of the existence of life on the planet.


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