One of the scenarios of the quantum transition

Events taking place on Earth right now, this is a huge jump start most of humanity into the higher realms of existence. Currently, the Earth and all who live in it, reached the end phase of the planetary cycle, and it's time to take the test of the maturity of the Soul. That is why so much attention is paid to this planet from various cosmic civilizations.

Depends on each individual person — whether the energy flow of grace for his body and mind or destructive. The most reliable remedy — it purify their thoughts, feelings and body. And how to do it — they know almost everything, but, unfortunately, do not … When a third of humanity will reach a harmonious vibrations begin quantum transition.

What are the symptoms of a quantum transition?

As the transition to the new frequency, we can feel the depression, dizziness, ringing in the ears, frequent memory lapses, palpitations ("jumping heart"), fever, pain in bones and joints (especially the right shoulder), the vibration of the physical body, muscle cramps (below knees, in the upper back), tingling in the arms, legs and feet. One can observe weight gain, faster growth of hair and nails. On the body in many places found little red spots. Often feel tired and want to sleep more, because the body needs to integrate the changes that occur at the cellular level.

This is just some of the symptoms, there are many more. Physical symptoms diminish, and then disappear as the imbalance persists in the physical body and are overcome emotional and mental problems. Therefore, all must be taken calmly, more sleep, drink more water, eat chicken, fish and vegetable products from the diet, eliminating alcohol. Very useful salt baths, massage, fresh air outside the city.

Just be aware that on the eve of transition to intensify the expression of negative emotions (evil, hatred, greed, resentment, fear, depression, etc.), greatly increased mortality of both adults and children, as well as the birth of children with disabilities. Increase disability among the general population. Usual will collapse long-cherished life plans.

The signs of the quantum transition is the acceleration of time and the development of animal and plant life, increasing the speed and volume of the rivers of water mass in the world, the fall of temperature stability, sudden change in climate during the year, etc.

Must realize that the time it took forever logic. Now we need to learn to accept the events that do not correspond to popular ideology. During the transition period should be respectful of Mother Earth, that it did not reject you. Earth — is a living creature that combines all forms of intelligence and sensitivity on the planet.

Please keep in heart the joy and love to all things, including himself. Care must be taken with all, do not forget to ask for forgiveness for the misdeeds and missteps of a living and "dead." Need to get used to observe the Law of Unity with all the outer space, planets and stars, so you should often look at the sky, and is not confined to his tiny little world. It is important to observe the law of love, as it is the highest wisdom of the universe. It obliges all sympathize. Everything that happens — this being Jehovah, including each and all together.

Survival formula should be:

Love + Peace + Acceptance of all, no matter what happens. You should not take responsibility for other people, except disabled children and seriously ill people and children under 14. Every man has his own destiny and specific mission. We are not competent to give advice, orders, criticize, condemn others.


How do developing quantum transition?

Can cause generalized experience of transitions to other planets in our galaxy. Usually, the transition begins with the fall of the magnetic field, which then becomes unstable (the magnetic field of the Earth for two thousand years, all the while declining, especially in the last 500 years). As we approach the time of transition of the magnetic field at all, "going crazy" (from the 70's in the world celebrate the restructuring of the magnetic field lines, which primarily affected the migratory birds). After all, the planet's magnetic field may roll, and the pole change over, or the Restore the same configuration of the poles, but it will have a completely different axis.

The last stage before proceeding usually lasts no more than two years. During this period, all systems break down, supporting the existence of civilization. This is the period when civilization is still in the third dimension, but is ready to make the leap into a new dimension. Thanks to assistance provided by other civilizations and religious brothers, and by a significant increase in the overall consciousness, it is possible to mitigate the dangers of this period and reduced it to three months.

It is possible that in the world during this period will be very short, and almost does not entail the destruction. Most likely, the number of alarms will be minimal and we will learn to move only the day before. It may be that one day we will wake up in the morning as usual, and the evening will prove to be babies in another world!

Immediately prior to the Quantum Leap (5-6 hours) begins a strange time when the fourth dimension is moving into the world of the third dimension. For the people — this is a dangerous stage. At this time, it is desirable to enter the shelter, made of natural materials, not to look out the window, and pray. If you look out of the window, you can succumb to fear, but it's not necessary. Can suddenly see the inexplicable, watch color effects that had never happened before. But all of this natural phenomenon. The main thing is not to touch either one of these objects. If you do this, you will be instantly drawn into the fourth dimension. It is better not to move so fast. At this time, all things made of synthetic materials, including modern home, more or less destroyed. So, if your house is not made of natural materials, it is better to be in nature.

When it really starts quantum leap, then there will be no doubt. There will be specific changes in colors that do not fit into the human consciousness. It is better to sit down and not move. Think of your Mer-Ka-Ba (of course, if you tried to activate it!). Begin to consciously breathe. Relax in the flow of energy going through your body. Active Mer-Ka-Ba will create a feeling of warmth and security. Soon the space is filled with glowing red mist, and it would seem that it has its own light source. Unusual experience will cover the body. Then fog consistently turns to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and finally becomes ultraviolet. Consciousness illuminate powerful flash of white light, and you feel that you are this light. This feeling will continue for a long time.

Slowly the white light becomes transparent and open place where you sit. All but your body will take on a metallic gold glitter. Imperceptibly metal reality will become clear, as the golden glass. Gradually becomes golden reality disappear, and in the end, all the black cover. In the old world of darkness swept away forever. You do not see, but you will understand that stand firmly on his feet and at the same time as if flying. It is you are logged into the Void between the third and fourth dimensions. Here are completely absent any sensory experience. We can only wait. You can sleep. This is normal. Otherwise, it would seem that the time stretches endlessly, but actually take about three days. Then in an instant all the blinding white light pierced. Consider that the birth happened, and you are in a new world!

At this point you start to grow. Men in the fourth dimension have growth 4.2-4.8 m, and the women — Infant 3-3.6 m in the new world is not a helpless creature. This is a powerful soul that can control reality through thoughts. What ever you think, everything happens instantly! Illuminated by this knowledge, people usually start to improve themselves, reaching the physical ideal, which always dreamed of.

It is essential as soon as possible to understand their opportunities, because it affects your survival in the new world. When you open a window into the fourth dimension, it can pass through anything, but not everyone will be able to stay there. You can divide people into three types. The first are those who are prepared for a new life: learn to control your thoughts and your fears transmuted into Love. In contrast, the second type of people are not prepared for life in a new environment, as full of fear. They will inevitably be pushed back to the third dimension, however, is no longer on Earth.

The third group consists of those who are only partially ready for a new experience. They have the potential to move into the fourth dimension, but not enough to stay there, because they brought with them their fears and complexes. In the strange new world of all their worries really start to show. For example, they see a long-dead people, events from his past. The mind tries to restore order and at some point decide that it is necessary to defend themselves by force of arms. The thought immediately implementation: instantly appear enemies and their "kill" on the spot!

If you come into a new world with thoughts of love and harmony and trust the Creator himself, then that is what will manifest around you. Your humility will allow you to remain in the upper world and survive in it … If you let love lead you, the time will come full of great joy.


    In the scheme briefly listed processes typical quantum transition, but as the Earth belongs to a class of experimental planets galaxy, our transition is likely to be unusual. But in any case, the development of events in the world in the first place depends on the degree of our love for each other. Remember that!

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