Participant Square threatened to deport from the country

KGB officers in Brest warned Ivatsevichy activists Vyacheslav Kholodovich and Vladislav Mikolajczyk, who took part in the rally on December 19 in Minsk

UCP member Stanislaw Kholodovich December 19 were detained and sentenced to 15 days in jail, which he served in Zhodzina prison.

Now KGB invited him for a talk in Birch, which was asked to sign a warning prohibiting the re-administrative offense.

Kholodovich"I categorically refused to sign the document. After all, in case I would accept their past and the offense for which I was convicted, but on the court I pleaded not guilty. So I did not sign the warning. "

We are in the KGB lasted about an hour. KGB officers are not allowed to Kholodovich with Mikolajczyk and human rights activists were present.

Vladislav Mikolajczyk KGB interrogators threatened with deportation and also zaptrabavali sign warning:

I may be deported from Belarus in the interests of national security.

"I have signed this warning. It is written that in the case of bringing me to the administrative responsibility of me just deported from Belarus as a citizen of the Russian Federation. "

Vladislav Mikolajczyk — a former military man, his parents, family — of Ivatsevichy. Vladislav himself after his retirement in 1992 he has been living in Belarus. According to Vladislav, the KGB said that there are grounds to deport him:

"I may be deported from Belarus in the interests of national security. Do I represent any danger? I live and work only for the benefit of the country. "


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