People wait for the era of anomalies

Meteorologists predict that the coming winter will be typical for Russia, however, according to the world's scientists, people wait for the era of the anomalies. Bleak future will bring people more extreme weather in the winter months. Phenomena that were previously uncommon, would become frequent.
Not only that, the officials have to prepare ourselves, to increase spending to fight the elements. It is possible that the coming winter will be one of the last normal winters, which will play in the snow, skiing and sledding. At least in the weather on the eve of the Russian Federation reaffirmed early prediction for the winter — it will be in the typical average values and may even seem too cold winters amid recent years.
However, our country is moderately cold winter has always been a kind of standard. Coming winter, we promise a few days (about 4-8) with a temperature below 20 degrees. At other times we will have a nice frost, which means that the usual Russian winter. However, the other day the report was published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, on the basis of which the Earth is becoming more problematic place for human habitation, and the weather, including winter, begins to go to extremes.
As one of the proofs of the results of the study, researchers gave facts of the snow storm in the northeast United States, which began on the eve of All Saints' Day (Halloween). Intense snowfall led to the loss of life, caused difficulties in the road and rail traffic in the region, electricity outages.
According to NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt, a catastrophic level of rainfall will become a true disaster for humanity in the coming decades. Thus, emergency showers, that previously could mark time in 20 years, is now likely to occur about twice per decade.
The report says that climate changes in the future can be so severe that some areas of the planet will be a very hard one for the existence of the people there. Scientists virtually certain (according to their estimates, the probability is equal to 99%), the world will be more extreme — there is more heat. Peaks heat waves become higher by 5 degrees by mid-century, and by the end — to 9 degrees.
As told RBC daily senior researcher Ecology and Conservation Biology Faculty of Moscow Vladimir Friedman, the Russians may have to prepare for winters to which they are not accustomed to. "As glaciers melt cold water into the water and pushes the Gulf Stream, so we have very cold winters, is directly linked to global warming — said the scientist. — Most likely, winters will become more stringent and savage. Even if we do not expect extreme snow storm, freezing rain will occur more and more often. "
For those who love to ski, took a fancy ski resorts, too, there is nothing reassuring. Studies show that the glaciers are now everywhere actively retreating.

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