Please wives of prisoners 'American' will go to Moscow by diplomatic pouch

More than 20 relatives of the accused in the Dec. 19 passed through the Ambassador Alexander Surikov appeal to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Alexander Surikov

February 10 in the afternoon, his wife prisoners 'American' Milan Michalevic, Marina Adamovich andOlga Bondarenko met with Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov and handed him a petition to President Dmitry Medvedev. The appeal was signed on the eve of more than twenty relatives of prisoners "American." But ask it of all the accused in the Dec. 19, says the wife of former public-presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich Marina Adamovich.

"This is our personal appeal to Medvedev as a man, as a man, as a family man. With the request to influence the situation in Belarus, the situation with the release of our loved ones and relatives. We handed treatment of Mr. Surikov, who confirmed the position of Russia, which was previously announced by Foreign Minister Lavrov. On my own behalf ambassador added that he believes that the government should be milaserdnay to its citizens. "

According to Marina Adamovich, the Russian ambassador has assured that he would send a letter to Medvedev in Moscow, "the nearest diplomatic pouch."

In prison on Volodarskogo still hold two Russian citizens, who were also accused of involvement in the riots in Minsk on December 19. This Artem Brevs andIvan Gapon. The efforts of the Embassy of Russia to change the preventive measure they do not give results. Total for the events of December 19 were initially detained 11 citizens of Russia.

Arthur Romanchuk

The Belarusian authorities continued repression of the participants in the events of December 19. January 10 a resident of Grodno Arthur Romanchuk, nephew of former presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk, along with the district police officer visited the jail October district of Grodno. Arthur Romanchuk recently received a court order requiring it to serve 9 more days in custody. For participation in the Square he was sentenced to 12 days, but three days later was released from prison Zhodinskaya for medical reasons. Arthur Romanchuk says prepared for arrest, including picked up a book in Polish, which he needs to read as a student of the University of Lublin. The young man says about the past and future of the arrest:

"Of course, it would be better then see out. After all, there I was with the same as I am, like-minded people. And there will have to sit with someone unknown. "

Court ruling Arthur Romanchuk received a few days ago, but since had the flu and had a medical certificate, he was allowed to stay at home. But only until February 10.

On the eve of the sixth time had a conversation with the KGB on the events in the square Ming student Julian Misyukevich. Man taken away for questioning sessions.

"Sitting quietly at the lecture, suddenly summoned to the dean, and from there taken to the KGB. But I repeated the statement which gave the last time. Of course, they do not like what I say a lot of "do not know", but I actually do not know. "

Julian Misyukevich departed for the area 12 days of administrative arrest. The young man continues to study at the university and was able to pass the exams "for the scholarship."



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