Pleiadian group of early disclosure.

Dear brothers and sisters, you are so interested in the ending date revealed — a time when our ships, as well as other Star Crop ships will clearly see you …

Well, not so long ago, Adonai Ashtar Sheran has agreed to the opening of certain matters related to the disclosure, dear friends. There are a variety of dates.
However, every day — this is a binding of your mind, your focus on the moment in the time frame that was given to you, as the date of the beginning of our disclosures to you, my dear family, dear humanity.

But there is still something that can tell you. Disclosure event, more Exposure start, perhaps in the near future,
my dear friends. Although what you say — it's likely. However, it is high. Our native brothers and sisters! Exposure time possible close to you like never before. We are talking about the end of October — mid-November 2012 in your reckoning.

You may have questions about how it will be? Where will it be? At what time will start Disclosures Star sowing (alien civilizations within the Galactic Federation of Light) On Earth?

But again I say to you, dear, do not be focused on the time period and the events that may occur. Now comes the planning of the space fleet obscheglobalnoe Family of Light with your Higher Self (Souls) about how it will happen … as Disclosure. Much remains to be done, both for us and for you, my friends.

And now I ask a moment of your attention. I ask you to distract from the focus of thoughts Disclosure and draw his attention to his consciousness, based on unconditional love. It is important for you. Very important!

It has already been transmitted to you Message Service Wizard Magnetic Earth Master Kryon that must study and release the fear of first contact. This is what I want to talk to you, my dear Earthlings.

We are similar to you in appearance, but there are differences. There are not many. The main differences you and us is not external, but internal. In many of your films, you say and show horrible pictures of your brothers in the universe.

What was it, do you think? Listen to your heart, beloved, and the answer will come to you.

You've heard of that disclosure is only possible after the removal of Space (Great Shift). Expensive, This option is also present in the space of options for future events. However, it is likely the beginning of disclosures at the end of October — mid-November.

So why is it so? Why, if there is a way to start disclosures after the offset of Space (Great Shift), then it may start earlier?

The point, dear friends! In your determination, in your quest to discover their strength (creativity). And the space in the same way as we respond to changes in it. We see your commitment and desire. But still, dear friends, dear Earthlings, much remains to us to co-create with you … together! And we're going … We create the most favorable version of our meeting!

Decoding of Narada.

Category: Channeling

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