Possible future of organic synthesis in Saratov

 Photo source:rupec.ru

The French company SNF, a world leader in the production of polyacrylamide — the material used in the water treatment process, it wants to create a production based on "Saratovorgsintez", part of "LUKOIL".

This was discussed during the meeting Saratov Region Governor Pavel Ipatov with investors from France.

"While this is only a letter of intent. The point is that the site at which the project can be implemented in Russia — the only one, and it is located in Saratov, "- said the governor.

Investment in the project is estimated at more than 1 billion rubles, the duration of the project — in 2-3 years.

The representative of the SNF at the meeting explained that the Saratov is the only place in the country, which produces the main product for polyacrylamide. The raw material for its production is acrylonitrile (ACN). "Saratovorgsintez" is the only Russian producer of the NAC.
"Saratovorgsintez" (part of "LUKOIL") in 2007, began commercial production of sodium cyanide briquette in order to fully meet the needs of the Russian market in the product and replace it imports.

Sodium cyanide — a chemical product that is widely used in mining, including mining.
The company will produce 40 thousand tons of sodium cyanide. Commissioning of the production planned for the first quarter of 2012. In 2012-2013, "Emery" is going to build the second phase of the project of similar capacity and bring the total production capacity of cyanide salts up to 80 thousand tons per year.

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