Premature sunrise was recorded in Greenland polar

City Llulissat famous phenomenon of early dawn. Morning came two days ahead of schedule.

Some furor among the scientific community has caused the most common event: it was morning. The problem is that in the morning came Llulissate (datsk. Jakobshavn) grenladskom town with a population of 4,500 inhabitants, which is located above the Arctic Circle.

And came two days before the agreed time. Explanation for this phenomenon has not been found, and in the academic world spread absurd explanations, almost as ridiculous as in tabloydah about aliens and end.

So people saw Llullisata sunrise on January 11. According to press reports, the sun was not to appear earlier than January 13. First of all, we should compare the data with the astronomical tables. Table of sunsets and sunrises to coordinate W051 06, N69 13:

The table shows that indeed Greenland Chukchi in tents do not have to wait for the dawn and the sun caught unawares northerners. However, fairly reliable sources confirm the appearance of the sun for two days before it was due — January 11.

What caused the sun to rise up before the end?

Scientific explanations that are circulating in the community differ from the tabloids only scientifically educated language, but not certainty.

There is a hypothesis that the unusual refraction caused the illusion of a sunrise. However sunrise — a phenomenon quite accurate, and err on the two days it just can not, even in Greenland. Such errors are unknown to science. Characteristic of both — "illusion" was repeated on a different day — January 12. So long existence of abnormal refractive lenses impossible.

Another, even more absurd hypothesis put forward by fans of global warming. Arctic ice, he says, is so faded that fell skyline. Despite the fact that the hypothesis was put forward some eminent ecologist we dare call it nesusvetnoy nonsense. How should the ice melt to lower the horizon? Maybe just the planet decreased.

Interestingly, the data on the sunrise in other polar regions, the most ordinary and did not fix the anomaly.

Against the background of silence science rumors about the end of the world. At least they fill the long polar night, which is still in Llulissate.

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