Prices for cereals will rise

Belarusian importers predict a rise in prices for grains delivered to the country.

"The growth of prices for buckwheat in Belarusian stores depends entirely on the growth of the prices of these cereals in Russia. This is where vendors are now being purchased. Ukraine has decided not to export these cereals in the autumn last year"- Told Interfax in" Svetlara. "

There were informed that in the near future, "comes a new car buckwheat, which is 6% more expensive because prices have risen in Russia."

In the near future we can expect increases in the prices for imported wheat, barley, semolina, flour, pasta.

In the enterprise, "Rakan" confirmed that prices for cereals will rise. In particular, they say, wheat price will rise to 4 thousand. Now similar products in the shops of the country stoits 2,6-3 thousands of rubles.

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