Prokopovych not believe in plans

The head of the National Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich concerned that the surplus in foreign trade can not be achieved.

He said this in Minsk at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, reports Interfax.

Prokopovych sees the danger in the same rate of growth of exports and imports of goods. In this situation, In his opinion, plans to enter the country on a positive trade balance would be in jeopardy. Prokopovich noted that the export development program for 2011-2015 recorded growth rate of exports of goods This year, at a rate of 115.9%, while imports of goods — 115.8%.

"The difference is 0.1%. No guarantees that the task for the balance will be like, as recorded. Exports and imports growing at the same pace. Which guarantees are made that will not be the same as before? In the last five-year period we planned that export growth should outpace the growth rate of imports, and in this five-year period are no plans, starting from the first year. "

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