Protect Our Home Belarus. Save the freedom fighters. Glory to the heroes of the struggle for independence. And what do you do?

Gregory Kastusyou

The regular political campaign — the presidential election of 2010.

Ended unexpectedly tough, with beatings, arrests, judicial killings.

And it all began, it seems very nice. This significant liberalization, compared with the previous election campaigns, in the collection of signatures and the time of registration of candidates for the post of president. This is not like other election campaign.

The process of identifying candidates to the candidates of the democratic community began almost two years before the election. In the middle of 2010 have been a number of attempts union candidates from the democratic forces of the adoption procedure for entering a single candidate from the democratic community. But due to the failure of a number of applicants to participate in this procedure, and as a result of its lack of transparency work together in this direction went to "nothing." Were not successful, and offers some of the candidates on the joint withdrawal from the election. In all cases, sincere and transparent could only position the BPF.

As a result, the finish line came devyatsera candidates as opposed to the current president, representing the diverse political and social spectrum of our country, with the largest variety of human and financial capacity, with different interests and different views on the prospects of Belarus … And only the BPF was at this election with their candidate to defend the vital interests of the Belarusian people.

National interests above all else — that's a principle that advocates the Belarusian Popular Front.

There is no doubt that in the pre-election situation in Belarus closely watched from the higher rungs of the Kremlin. Indeed, in the past 1.5-2 years, the relationship between the leaders of Russia and Belarus have been very strained. In fact, it was a "cold war", which took place against the background of acute oil and gas, sugar and other conflicts. And then spread to the war in the diplomatic sphere (the events in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kyrgyzstan, relations with Europe), a ruthless war in the media and interpersonal war. And, obviously, it was not just a reaction known top-persons Raei on unrestrained and tactless behavior of the local terminator, but also a sound policy of Moscow. After playing with Lukashenko Europe alarmed Moscow leaders. Their closest accomplice vyslizgvav more of them bear hugs, gave a dangerous example to others, should have the role of a new integrator in the "zone of Russian interests." And it prevented the new Moscow plans to "gather lands", broke their plans. It is obvious that the issue had to be addressed and addressed immediately.

At the same time began to happen unexpected and, as it were, unexplained events in Belarus, an explosion at the Russian Embassy, murder of prominent journalist and others. Question: "Who and why?" — That's up in the air.

Some newly ambitious but Belarusian presidential candidates throne suddenly never been caressed in Moscow and began to speak fluently in the Moscow. For the first time most of them have pryglyanuvshyyasya and financial support, and hidden for a while, and another.

Clearly, all these clear signals from the neighboring land, as well as actions zachastsivshyh its candidates carefully monitored in Minsk. And the more it was such signals, the atmosphere became more nervous in the house on Karl Marx. Finally, the nerves of its chief occupant began to fail.

And a half weeks before the election the Belarusian dictator definitely sign all agreements with Moscow on a common economic space, the Customs Union and others what he should aggressively into the Kremlin walls and waited. The rhetoric of Moscow, everything changed with restraint threatening to rampant glorious. To "monitor" the election observer team immediately went to the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS (Russian spetsatrad pryhavannyu on election fraud). But the most weighty task of the plan was the reverse — preventing the elections in Belarus on the part of Western countries, which are already getting ready to congratulate the usurper with the "victory" of democracy in his country. The main game, so only the beginning. Tried and henchmen of the dictator, pro-Russian special services, bringing more and more information about the upcoming "conspiracies" and "revolutions" …

What ended the drama — is well known. As is well known, Whose is the work. Who's ready for a riot of the usurper? Who is the head of the column led people from the area Kalinowski on Independence Square, while the overall solution 7-candidates and some leaders of their staffs for a few minutes before the start of the procession did not foresee this trend? Who provoked the crowd and beat out the glass in the house of the government? Who masterminded? Obviously, they should be congratulated, they have done their job well. Russia celebrates and makes no secret of this victory, and even zhuryts fool "brother."

Well, we have the question, who lost?

Loss dictator, although he had all the features of a fully "win." Frost and night and a triple cordon would perform the work. And dictator would have been recognized and could meet with Catherine Ashton, and Obama and obtain their congratulations and support.

Lost country, which gradually involved in European affairs, became a factor for regional development (the Baltic-Black Sea Initiative, the East European Partnership, etc.). Now the country has been thrown back, and Russia strictly returns to his "brother." Of the Treaty in the field of oil and gas and requiring the cessation of alternative supplies — witness the.

Lost to West. Despite some success of its policy towards Belarus in recent years, they are now almost entirely lost. Western politicians are desperate, and they give out their emotions in turmoil. But this result was quite predictable. In contrast to the progress in relations with the dictatorship, in relations with the Belarusian opposition in Europe and the U.S. in recent years, nothing has changed. Preserved all the same orientation on the liberal and far from patriotic purposes opposition to support the senseless and harmful in the case of Belarus election campaigns, on a cynical business parapolitical western groups on the problems of Belarus. As we know, it was one of the factors of destruction of structures opposition to their marginalization in the Belarusian society, strengthening the Lukashenko regime. And, as we know, this policy goes on and on.

Lost to the opposition. Such total destruction she had not known since ancient times. Intimidated and destroyed everything. The machine finishes the last dictatorship. Will there be something against it? Or is born on this background something new and worthy, or revive old something suitable?

Reacted differently to the unpredictable development of events in a tough election day, December 19, 2010 the representatives of the democratic community. Someone promptly went abroad, others huddled in their dens, apartments and whisper in their own kitchens with their loved ones discussing the events took place, or sitting on a cozy couch makes comments on different websites … And someone from the first day after the dramatic events involved in the campaign of solidarity with the detainees, victims. And again, as always, from the beginning of the 90s, the vanguard of solidarity was the Belarusian Popular Front. At the office of the BPF, Masherov Ave, 8 (formerly Varvasheni 8) come every day dozens, hundreds of people, to support those who have suffered from the regime, or get support, regardless of partyynastsi or belonging to a candidate's headquarters. And it pleases, that Belarusians were
not indifferent to the fate of the victims. But, at the same time sad that the other party offices, the headquarters of the other candidates do not have the same centers of solidarity. After all, such a collaboration would allow us all together to be much stronger.

And yet all the more acute the question arises … And then what? What to do?

These issues under the circumstances, have acquired a special significance in connection with the following circumstances.

Those in power after a rigged election does, seemingly illogical steps. In fact, he decided to zvyshpragmatychnuyu goal — to destroy or block any resistance to his boundless reign, to paralyze the activity of opposition leaders and activists, to link in people's minds the word "democracy, freedom, national renaissance" with fear, to plant in the community apathy and indifference to politics.

Most important task of his repressive machine that is running at full capacity — to force them all to defend dissent and climb on the burrows, moaning and wailing apelyuyuchy to the international community. And yet, his dream — to make sure that no opposition force could prevent the dictator to take the independence and sovereignty, trading in land, property, national values in order to preserve their power.

Our task — to break his plans. No repression should push us even for a short time from the main goal of national forces that laid down in the program of the Belarusian Popular Front. We — the members of the Belarusian Popular Front and during the presidential campaign sought to bring to the citizens of the Republic of the danger of destruction of our country, and after them are going to strengthen our struggles.

Starting from 1995, from one campaign to another, the situation in the country (with the values of democracy, human rights, as well as with the national revival of the sovereignty and fixtures) only worsened. Have failed as well as attempts to international pressure and loyal approach to credit gifts from the world's banks. At the same time, this strategy also strengthens the authoritarian regime of Lukashenko.

After the defeat of democratic forces in 1995-97. and partial destruction of their avant-garde — the Belarusian Popular Front in 1999 — their place is constantly striving to take many conformist groups.

No sooner had the passion die out last presidential campaign, and was back there were people willing to give the most negative assessment of the election campaigns of opposition candidates and to receive dividends from the situation among the opposition forces after the elections. And the most interesting thing is that these are people who have several years of living outside Belarus. That's what the political situation in Belarus gives, for example, for a site "Belarusian Partisan" is one of those psevdapatryetav.

"…The country has no organizing power, the party. Dwarf parties are controlled and managed by the authorities and are financed through their agents influence … Revealed only one agent influence Romanchuk, and their 70% even among the candidates. The next election will be 100% … "

"… What can we do? Who if not us? First things first. Since January 2011, you need to start creating uniting all the forces of protest voters' Front for National Renaissance" … There should be two forces: the mode and the united front. Whoever is not with us against us, the one with the mode … "

"The structure of the Front National Revival:
First Committee of the Federal Tax Service.
Second Shadow Cabinet.
Third Advisory Council TNF (party leaders).
Fourth Council of Elders (dear respected people in the country and former managers).
Fifth Subdivisions. "

And what are the objectives pursued by those he represents?

And one goal — to become another psevdatsentram to solve their problems vuzkagrupavyh conformist:

"The predominant foreign policy front will determine the extent of assistance to us in the struggle for national revival of our allies. "

In 1994, during the presidential elections, our party has offered voters a socio-political card:

ONLY the Belarusian Popular Front, Save the barons helps.

This formula is especially topical for members of the BNF in this most difficult time of repression. Filled with new content. In this case, all the old problems remain.

The front has emerged as a community of persons who have undertaken to save people from deadly Chernobyl atoms. Today, the risk of death increased threat of Chernobyl. From a number of regions which have retained high radiation zabruzhanasts, the powers that be have removed danger sign, declaring the area clean.

Front appeared to protect people from Stalin and Communist repression. And our experience in this will instantly create solidarity …

The front has combined the best national revivalists, which determined the fate arrange the foundation of the new state. The revival of national culture became the meaning of life and the BPF leaders of the nation, has become a historical mission and pleasing to God.

We are after the first presidential election in 1994 put forward the goal and dream: build our house — Belarus, to protect our common house and turn it into a temple, that means — to ensure that the majority of people love their country identically love to love God. The same goals and dreams we have today, and we will live with them. And, despite the repression, we must protect our house — Belarus.

At the same time, we must recognize that the Lukashenko regime remains sufficient room for maneuver. This mode has a significant electoral support, it seems that the country is experiencing some economic growth, united as never before, his "vertical". Not exhausted the possibilities for social populism regime. With impunity its secret police.

Obviously without the return of the appropriate role of the patriotic forces, the positive changes in our country is hardly possible. And this should be done today. The leading role in this process is to take the Belarusian Popular Front — a force that consistently protects the interests of Belarus, the Belarusian people and the interests of the independent Belarusian state.

A particular concern for all who are concerned the country's future should be the problem of consolidation of patriotic forces. Without this consolidation can neither develop nor implement a real program of action does not prevent the adventurous actions of the regime. Obviously, the current consolidation in the form of the Coordinating Council is not a form of consolidation, and can not hope to give the Belarusian society. Term there may have only association of public and political groups with a clear patriotic position (a form of association does not matter).

In the historical and civilizational terms authoritarian Lukashenko regime has no future, and there are only a temporary outmoded relic of the communist system. However, the formation of the Belarusian statehood is not completed, and its independence and sovereignty are at stake. Obviously, the desire to change the regime at all costs (as, for example, through the deployment of Russian troops in Belarus), is one of the biggest such threats.

Given this, the patriotic forces must be particularly vzvazhanasts and solidarity throughout the forces, which are driven only by their vuzkagrupavaya favor. Solutions of these problems can be achieved through a number of interrelated steps: consolidation and the increased role of the patriotic forces, the deployment of their activism in the Belarusian society, creating an influential international community to the political center.

In this reg
ard, it would be important to education, together with the leaders of BNR and patriotic immigrant communities Foreign authoritative center and its departments in a number of countries around the world.

These and other steps would allow to coordinate international work, to free it from the influence of psevdapatryyatychnyh structures that make the real support of the international community. At the same time it would mobilize public and political support for events in the homeland of the Belarusians abroad.

Sure, and in relations with Russia, we need balanced relationship. Such relationships are beneficial to us both in the short and in the long run.

But, unfortunately, the political leadership of this country, its imperial elite sick, which is a serious obstacle to good neighborly relations. Confirmation of the imperial ambitions of Russia against Belarus is today the creation of the Customs Union, which will ultimately lead to the transformation of our country in the satellite state. Unfortunately, becoming a member of the Customs Union of Belarus closes an outlet to the West closes its market to many foreign goods: new and used cars, TV sets, radios and more. Belarus restricts their ability to enter the European markets with goods of their enterprises. All the more so in the next 2-3 years, according to the concept of the Customs Union, many Belarusian enterprises simply become the property of Russian capitalists. Today in Russia sees no alternative to this policy. That option should be offered to us, not trading the national interest.

The process of overcoming dictatorship should have necessary legal ground, to be recognized by the international community and our neighbors. The Belarusian government since independence has become a real subject of European and international politics. The political and economic elite of Belarus today is keenly aware of the possibility of the state. Finally, the interests of the Belarusian state have increasingly focus Lukashenko regime.

Actions by the international community must be properly oriented and is aimed primarily at strengthening the independence of the Belarusian.

Obviously, the real change in Belarus can not be achieved without the active and decisive participation in the patriotic forces. Thus, to overcome the authoritarian regime should be the result of responsible social and political process of active political action, coordinated their efforts with the international community.

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