Quantum Transition 2012 — 2013, and who we meet in the 4th Dimension

In the process of quantum transition Earth and mankind will undergo a process of transmutation, that is forced, the external transfer of vibration of the atoms of the body at a high level. Combined psychic energy Humanity will send a signal about the processes with him, into the space of its universe.

This energy will cause a wave of vibration, which will be perceived conscious beings of the universe and to shift in their consciousness. Experience the evolution, freedom of consciousness of the Earth must be positive! In 2012, many of the encoded (encrypted) objects (skulls, rocks) will rise from the earth to the surface. This will lead to the consolidation of the Fourth and other measurements on the Earth of the Third Dimension. People will be involved in some holy place, where they will see options for future events.

Cleansing Fire flame: The thinner the energy, the stronger and more effective impact it has. Psychic energy is equal to the Living Fire. In the process of quantum transition Earth pronizhet wave of high spiritual energy — a real fire, as it is called in various allegorical religious sources. It will be a challenge for everyone. Anyone who goes through this kind of filter, go in the fourth, then the fifth dimension. This test is not afraid of spiritual people. The fact that in orthodox religions called Judgement, and will pass through the gates of spirituality. This will be a check of each part of the soul in its filling matrix is positive or negative psychic energy.

In 2012, the dimensions of reality will shift our phenomenal world third major-overtone toward the Fourth Dimension, the fourth octave. With the ascension of humanity of the Earth to a higher level of consciousness, all lower overtones than our third major overtone, also will rise with us. This means that the "lower worlds" that lie in the frequency range below our world will be able to start moving into the 4th Dimension. And probably, we all met there, though it may be, we will go the same way in different overtones of the 4th Dimension and the inhabitants do not see now existing with us on Earth — the Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and others — but in the lower overtone than our world.

During the following years, the new frequency of vibration is so prevalent in the world that Rosa manifest our reality — for the eyes of ordinary, mortal man — a world of total Genesis Earth, its different versions of events will be shifted to the new cycle of existence, and the other version Earth, our three-dimensional world, will come to cleanse itself of its full consequences of our technological civilization!

At Ascension people without dying physically, in his dense body moves from third major-overtone third octave (third dimensional reality) in the third major overtone 4th octave (The Reality of the Fourth Dimension), ie, a forced shift by one full octave. This will be possible in the quantum transition when the external disturbance — photonic front of radiant light, the high spiritual energy — will come to Earth and will pass through all of reality on all its planes of existence.

This event will be combined with another — the fall of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. These two factors will lead to the fact that almost all of the elements of the periodic table, which make up our physical, phenomenal world, will accelerate its vibration. Consequently, the physical and chemical composition of the bodies of people, animals and plants will begin to change, there will be the transmutation — the atoms will adjust, synchronized by a higher frequency of the photon front.

Not at all, this process will be affected equally. Pure spiritual people will easily adapt to the high frequency of the photon front, their bodies adapt and modify the chemical composition of its elements. Then they will present in full consciousness or partial stupor, but it will return to consciousness after crossing the Great Void (interface overtones Realities of measurement).

Some people, it is not sinful, unable to synchronize with the new frequency will die physically, their consciousness asleep and wakes up as early as the 3rd major key overtone of the 4th Dimension. There they were met by the people who have gone the Ascension, retaining physical body and soul, has long gone, but that earned her past life and the possibility of the meeting waiting for this hour "in the next world." The souls of these people will begin to materialize in the body Indigo children who will be born in the new world is the 4th dimension to the Aryan man, the former Fifth Race. This transition will be children of the Aryan race to the divine-human. But the children of Indigo children will already be full owners of this new world, the 6th race.

People with severe pathology of spiritual, moral, or even dark soulless, hopeless sinners will not be able to tune out the high frequency vibrations around them shining light, and probably just physically die. After passing the cleaning process, their souls will disassemble or at all, or be transferred to the path of further reincarnation and life in another galaxy, similar to the Earth, another three-dimensional world, but probably there will be a guise of some other, and life is still difficult and full of problems survival.

What is different from the Ascension Sunday?

Man dies physically, but if his consciousness lives and MerKaBa activated, the consciousness moves in 10, 11 or 12 th major overtone of the 4th octave (The Reality of the Fourth Dimension). Here the body recreates a new, thinner, less dense, it is air, which has a different chemical composition of elements. At Ascension modern man is given the opportunity to maintain its present physical body, to move it to a higher octave frequency band. This transition atoms of the body through the process of acceleration of their frequency characteristics, retaining its original shape. But most importantly, the settings for the updated body, it becomes healthier, past illnesses healed, may grow new teeth, improves vision, and overall life expectancy increases.

There, in the world of the Fourth Dimension, Ascension, "the old man" fifty years of age are given the opportunity to live up to 150 years! His body renewed and healthier. Then this "old man", of course, will die with a quiet sadness, but immediately reborn in the family of the children — Indigo children, and has to live happily for thousands of years. Thus, Sunday — this re-creation of a new body in the transition to more than one octave higher and eternal life. Ascension — is the preservation of the old body on going no more than one octave, his transfiguration, transmutation, and the continuation of life on a while longer.

When passing through the boundary between octaves — Reality Worlds 3rd and 4th dimension — there will be three and a half days of darkness and emptiness. These correspond to the passage of 3-4 days, the earth and all that is in it, the photon Front. In this case, all the plans the earth was beginning to enter the synchronized operation with a frequency of radiant light. This period will be preceded by a few days. The outer edges of the Photon Belt Front are very dense, they are determined by the structure of this energy. Therefore, particles of this energy will be closed sun completely. Complete darkness will cover the earth. First comes darkness, then total darkness, then a faint dawn and after the brilliant, blinding light of the New World! This new world will be covered 24 hours a day.

Together with the general darkening come chill that upon the occurrence of complete darkness goes into freezing cold. Impenetrable darkness will cause people infinite void of state. The photon energy of the atoms will transform the body of humans and animals and to enhance their vibration. Breathing air, saturated with the photon energy, will fill the body with energy, similar to when taking healthy food with vitamins. That is, people will feel keenly the need to eat. Drinking water can also be modified to fill the body with additional energy. In the future, humanity in general refuses to take animal food, and will meet their needs for food, eating only vegetarian food.

How to behave in this whole situation?

The most important condition of successful transition to the new world — peace of mind and clarity of thought. Gather around him close to you and explain what is happening and upcoming events.

Meditation — is something that can help link your true self with the Guides, Guides, the Supreme Being, who will be around. Meditation will help you to be seen by them, and be constant communication with them. Mentors, Higher Self can give you directions to follow that you will behave correctly and will help your loved ones. The channel of communication, which, let's say you have tried without much success to build a quantum transition is successfully built before and during the Ascension. Calm down and contemplate within themselves, and you will see a new world and its representatives. They are close to you! Tune in to the opening of the third technique, the spiritual eye. And you open it, you will see what is invisible to others! Establish contact with mentors.

Rhythmic breathing technique yoga and a further transition to a spherical breathing. Spherical breath allows a person to breathe prana through the Supreme head center, which acts on the central tube at the top and bottom part of the solar plexus center and then pervades the Light Body of man — the energy of the physical body frame. In this type of breathing your physical body becomes lighter and lighter, to heal many ailments. One important feature of this period is that in meditation, perhaps some thoughts begin to understand animals. Meditation with increased mental clarity, as well as making contact with his higher self If you have not done before meditation, it is recommended to read the prayers.

The whole process of the Earth passing through the Photon Belt will take about 7-10 days. In this case, after three days come complete darkness will begin the process of restructuring of the matter three-dimensional measurement of the Earth and all things on it in the matter of four-dimensional measurements.

Already a few months prior to these momentous days on Earth, in its public society, will rage economic and political storms. Many governments are hardly going to keep their populations from mass strikes, demonstrations, street fights and so on world government will not understand the reasons for "total insanity" of the population. Frequent earthquakes, even in places where they have never been, hurricane or tornado prolonged rainfall and other weather anomalies disappoint many people, even far from the study of esoteric literature, to the sense of impending change in lifestyle. Migration of people to places more peaceful in their opinion will be massive, uncontrollable. Human society will boil.

And now where — that the approach of the Photon Front for many people comes a feeling of total confusion on the coming changes. Earth is the third measurements throughout most often begins to shake. This will define the beginning of its synchronization with the new, high-frequency energy and setting it to a new installation. Public peace under the rumble of the earth everywhere will come into full mass confusion.

If you have the chance, leave the big city and go off into the countryside. Happening around second thoughts even in nothing believers. Correct this event to meet one-story farmhouse, which was built only from natural materials such as wood and stone. Why? The process of quantum transition marked by the collapse of an artificial material. This means that the plastic, aluminum and other materials of modern industrial production fall to the primary elements that make up the primary world of Mother Earth. Many ancient peoples: Indians, natives of Africa and Australia — send in their stories about the occurrence of these last days.

Constant shaking would prevent the movement on the surface of the Earth. DO NOT PANIC! This paragraph is included in God's plan modification Earth. The appearance of dusk day, falling solar light and temperature, and will usher in the beginning of a radical transformation of the Earth.

If you have had experience of meditative practices, then these days manifest your vision and communicate with creatures and phenomena of the world of 4th Dimension, which is already on the threshold of your home. You can start communicating with the spirits of dead people, close relatives. Do not be afraid, because you are prepared and fully control the situation, you are an example and teacher for others! Try to keep your consciousness in the light and in contact with the Supreme Being. Darkening and cooling will be the first two days. On the third day of the Photon Belt completely engulf Earth. There will come a total darkness for three or four days.

With the passage of the Earth Zone Photon Front Light synchronizes World 3rd Dimension and the World of the 4th and the 5th Dimension. Our World 3rd Dimension forcibly drawn into the frequency of the Higher Worlds and all things in the world is also beginning to adjust its frequency to the frequency of vibration of the World 4th Dimension. In this world of the third stage of the measurements is clear from the material of low-frequency vibrations. All artificial, synthetic materials disintegrate into primary elements of the nature of the Earth, which vibrate at a high frequency, just cleaned. The flora is vibration, high frequency treatment. In the animal world, the one who can, goes to live with a high-frequency vibration, the one who can not due to stagnation of heavy, dirty, low-frequency cellular matter — dies and decomposes.

So, after 3-4 days of the photon Front is as if copying globe Reality third measurement of one of its version, or rather that part of it which was able to adjust to the higher vibrations of the 4th Dimension at the Globe Reality 4 — of measurements. Another version of the reality of our world, the one where the mother (mineral, plant and animal) was not able to rebuild their frequencies — has remained in the World of Reality 3rd Dimension, more bass level. Rebuilt on the same version of a high vibrational parameters of its being smoothly moved (recopy) in the world of the 4th Dimension and is not visible to the eye creatures 3rd Dimension.

But the matter will be visible after the period of the quantum transition to a new vibrational level. While there are three days of darkness, all the portals, passages between the Worlds is open to all who can benefit from them. That's why we come to the aid of the Supreme Being of extraterrestrial intelligence and our ancestors Lemurians, the Atlanteans of the Worlds 5th and 4th dimension, as well as the Ascended of the human community that have passed this way on their own. Taking advantage of the favorable moment, the community of the Maya, Aztecs and Incas finally — he could get out of the labyrinth minor overtone third octave, and also go out of the World 4D, and if they allow their frequency characteristics, to go further in the reality under heaven World 5th Dimension.

Do not be afraid of cold in the street. All the world's 3rd Dimension has become to raise your vibration, and your body, too, unless of course you just do not have died at that time, from the lack of understanding and fear that engulfed you. Increased vibration of atoms tunable body will cause that would not be so strongly felt freezing cold. What about hunger? Hunger will not be keenly felt. Those nutrients that you are stocked up in the cells of its three-dimensional body, probably with an abundant reception of food and drink for the entire previous life, in the restructuring of the body cells would be enough not only for three days! And when it's over, your body will no longer require the barbecue and salted semgochki with vodka. Ease novoperestroennogo body will be such that even many soar into the air, and the body up to ask for some plant foods, such as carrots, cabbage and apples. And the thought of a shish kebab, probably will not be in the 4th Dimension. Creator thought conditions of the quantum transition in such a way that the existence of wildlife and humans will be presented!

Many people upon the occurrence of the three days of darkness just fall asleep and wake up to the already renewed his body, in a new world of fairy tales. For them, the world will seem a waking dream. The three days of darkness, the condition of the world third dimensional reality with a very high percentage of probability coincides with the movement of the North Pole to their new geographic location and in this regard, since the beginning of the fall of Earth's electromagnetic field to a value of zero. Changing the position of the poles of the Earth lead to advances huge amounts of water oceans.

The fall of the electromagnetic fields of the Earth will wipe a mortal man with his "hard drive" — the cerebral cortex. All that has been accumulated by a person during his last life in the real world the Third Dimension on Earth, will be erased from memory. Simple, ordinary man or sink to sleep for three — four days, or it will just sit there without a thought, and maybe some even begin to "go crazy", they have, as they say, "go the roof" of the paintings of the visions, which will begin appear before their eyes. Events and pictures of different overtones of the Third and Fourth Dimensions will be combined and occur through the transition.

The rare person who practiced meditation and managed while still living in ordinary three-dimensional world to intensify their Merkaba field and maintain it, untwisted state of rotation fields at a rate equal to the speed of light, 300,000 km / s, — be able to keep your mind of memory and consciousness in this period of transition from the third to the fourth dimension. But these "lucky" are a few of the six billion of mankind. An artificial gravity activated Merkaba electromagnetic field is the life line of protection of human memory by erasing it, which you can already today, now turn out simple and accessible to everyone practices.

After passing horrible, agonizing three or four days of darkness and the dawn of fear and will welcome the Light of the New World — the world of major-third overtone of the Fourth Dimension, with the expected date of the happy inhabitants of the earth and in transit World Third Dimension, where to stay forever — and there in the distance third major-overtone our sad and permanently leave the inhabitants of the Earth three-dimensional reality. But these new arrivals in the rainbow world of 4D people are like newborn babies, with a clear head of all thoughts and enlightened consciousness. Everything from scratch again in kindergarten new world to realize their place in it!

Dispersion of darkness going to continue for a few days, but the sun of the New World will inevitably gain brightness. Coming out of his house and take the first step, you can suddenly take off into the air like an astronaut on the moon, and even hang for long. The body will be so full of new energy, this state will be unusual, but still happy and new. It would seem that the whole body poured young force. But the body itself is already rebuilt. There are not really want to be, because you learn pretty fast method of breathing prana through the crown chakra, which will deliver the body with the necessary energy for the first time. There will want to mostly fruits and vegetables that will grow in this new, lighter and warmer world.

Some important assumptions

Take me back to the time of the fall of the electromagnetic field of the Earth and the beginning of the point of the North Pole to their new geographic location — Mount Kailas in Tibet. Changing the inclination of the axis of the Earth, and this is what happens when we move north and south poles to their new geographic coordinates, will cause the huge mass of ocean water and the progress of the continental blocks. You can imagine the consequences it will lead.

Vast tracts of land reared from cracks in the earth's crust, spewing lava, which would fill the water of the seas and oceans. Faults, earthquakes and floods are all over the Earth. And humanity is at this moment in front of the Photon, and much of it goes to sleep. Many sources say that at this point there will be an alien space ship that will assist people. What is the help? Probably because the size of these ships are huge, up to 1.5 — 1.8 km in diameter, they will gather mankind in their places of residence, and mass transfer in a safe place. And the number of these ships will be huge. Maybe these ships just to take away your board some of the people where they are and will be the final ascension, after which they crossed over into the 4th dimension.

The task of Lightworkers in anticipation of the Ascension, and especially on the eve of a few months or days before an important event, an hour "X" — to gather around him ascetics spirit and knowledge, people, bright, kind, friendly, gentle. Surely law will prophesy "the meek shall inherit the world" in these places of collective assembly of ascetics and the Spirit of Light, Lightworkers have to interview, explain what is happening and joint meditation to anchoring, grounding, manifestation in the higher plane location of the Fire Spirit, ready for the Rapture. Higher necessarily see, notice your beacon and forget to help you. Be worthy of it, proudly wear to pick up the banner of enlightenment of human consciousness.

Spaceships will be partially non-extraterrestrial civilizations in the constellation of the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda. But there will be "our" Earth ship past, long gone from the reality of the world 3rd Dimension Lemurians and Atlanteans. All spaceships "'ll come out" of the Reality of the 4th Dimension into our third in the hour "X". Sirians will help the people of Earth to survive in the new environment, giving new, safe for humans and the Earth technology. Andromedans will locate and eliminate man-made disasters and their impact on the Earth. After the decay of matter third measurements on all primary elements of an artificial, Luciferian reality subjected to destruction. Imagine a thermal or nuclear power station, a huge industrial plant, metallurgical and military production, with an enormous number of cables, motors, pistons, shafts, etc. And to what — the time it all starts to break down. Refusal of protection, automation, sprinkler systems, stop nuclear reactions, locking systems commissioning of nuclear facilities, and so on … I do not want to continue this list further. You can imagine the scale of man-made disasters on the planet in our 3rd Dimension. If this process does not interfere progressive forces of the Cosmic Mind, the consequences of this disaster will have a dramatic impact on all Roses reality of our Earth. And perhaps, in the 4th and 5th. th and higher worlds will affect the echoes of explosions 3rd Dimension. Nevertheless, Earth will pass and through the cleansing process.

What will happen to the Earth third major, 3rd overtone Reality? Today unequivocal answer to this question is not given to mankind for several reasons. In — the first not to plunge society into a panicky, chaotic, crazy state.

In — the second, probably before the end of this issue has not been resolved, "the top." It can be assumed that the Earth should move to a new vibrational level — somewhere in the range of 6.12 overtone our third reality, or it will move to another octave higher octave of the 4th Dimension. But in any version of the Ascension of the Earth, it will be the cleaning of technocratic trash left by the man of the 5th race. After a period of treatment Earth is likely to be a sitting area and knowledge of the manifested, for the physical world there is a high level of consciousness. These entities will be able to reduce the frequency of vibration of the atoms of our bodies and manifest in the three-dimensional world. Living here for a certain period, they will be able to ascend from the reality of the third dimension, as they say, is not inherited and not leaving trash, ending a picnic in this paradise of the universe.

After hundreds of years of pristine third dimensional reality of the Earth will once again ready to welcome guests into their database library. A man and a librarian will not lower evolutionary development of the 4th or 5th dimension, which is the power of your intention be able to lower the frequency of the body to the frequency of the third world measurements appear in it and show all the beauty of your home.

Who will meet us in the 4th Dimension? And what do we see there?

Natives of the higher worlds will be in front of a stunned humanity in the most dramatic moment in its history. They will come to help us. The fourth dimension is the meeting point of the ascension of humanity third major-overtone third octave, and the Supreme Being of the Fourth, the Fifth Dimension and other higher dimensions. These higher beings can, in a low frequency of vibration of the atoms of our bodies, condense and appear in the 4th and the 3rd Dimension. Inhabitants of Higher Rose reality have been waiting our arrival to them. Who are the inhabitants, from which they appear?

Imagine a volume globe globe with a hard surface — this is our reality, Earth Rose third major, 3rd overtone measurements. If you move up on this hard crust earth's surface, and increase the frequency of vibration of the physical body and, therefore, the perception of the outside world, we could see 12 Realities, 12 Worlds, with more high-matter, filling these worlds. Rose is the location of the worlds major, Realities overtone 3rd Dimension. That is slightly above "our reality" there is another, invisible to us, but all the same surface. And it grows a little more, but the trees. That world permeates the air, but with a slightly higher vibration. There is a wildlife and sing their songs of birds.

Best of all, the sun's rays, illuminating their horizon by which they are floating clouds pass through the surface (upper world for us) and also illuminate our sky, on which our floating cloud. These sun rays pass through our area and are within the scope sky with lower frequencies with respect to our (the lower world to us) Rose Reality minor overtone 3rd Dimension. And in the sky as they are floating clouds and the birds are singing them. All the "higher" and "lower" worlds filled with their inhabitants. This mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms.

Many plants and animals that have long disappeared from our World Roses, well exist in other realities of world Earth. And where — and there, in one of the lower, minor Worlds, waiting an hour early Ascension gone there in search of a better life the Maya, Aztecs and Incas. They spent the whole time there, I think we will learn from them, when all along will find ourselves in the world of 4th Dimension.

That is our third octave Earth Reality conventionally a multi-layer cake with multiple fillings of different realities, with a variety of inhabitants, who fill these realities. Moreover, the "higher" worlds are lighter filling both plant and animal life. And most importantly, that intelligent beings, their filling, have the higher consciousness, the higher overtones of the World. Conversely, moving down toward the "lower" worlds, we will find intelligent beings, but with all the lower consciousness. And all this pie Worlds also permeate the sun's rays, which, incidentally, is also not one, but a similar layered structure similar to Earth, but having a wider range of octaves of sound and light waves of all kinds, including light. Each octave of our earthly world emits light rays of life has its own octave Roses Worlds Sun.

How is the process of transition

The synchronization process is an increase in the frequency of vibration of the atoms of the world third measurements to the frequency of vibration of the atoms of the world of the 4th Dimension. In case of equality of the frequencies of the world begins to be up 3rd Dimension, this process is similar to a crawl. "Removing the mold" of the world 3rd Dimension into a "clipboard between worlds." This is one of Laya — the center of our universe. This is probably the copy is made after the end of the "three days of darkness." Then this "snapshot" of the world third measurements combined with the world of the 4th dimension, and they form a joint, a single form. All the copies of the imported world Reality third dimension, which fits the basic foundation of the real world of the 4th Dimension, harmoniously merges with it. Thus, in quantum transitions and transformations occur in the world 4 — th Dimension.

This process to be more clear, imagine how to create a three-dimensional image, the card: it consists of a few, up to 10, different planar images that when combined, the imposition of one another form a single three-dimensional image. And about the merging of the transition of the world 3rd Dimension with the base reality of the world 4 — Measurement and education of their general release.

Everything from the world of the third dimension, which does not harmonize, does not fit the reality of 4 — th dimension, remains in Laya — Center, and then, probably destroyed as garbage.

What is one and what is different between the Roses Reality third, low-frequency measurements and 4 — th dimension, more high?

1. Globe diameter 4 — Measurements of the diameter of the globe the 3rd Dimension.

2. The land area of the globe 4 — Measurements of the land area of the globe less 3rd Dimension.

3. Area of the oceans Globe 4 — th dimension greater than the area of the oceans globe 3rd Dimension.

4. The mountains Globe 4 — th dimension less than the height of the mountains globe 3rd Dimension.

5. Forest area Globe 4 — Measurement of large areas globe third measurements on the same land area.

6. Ecology Globe 4 — Measurement of much higher environmental globe 3rd Dimension.

7. Life expectancy Globe 4 — Measurement of (thousands of years) is much higher life expectancy globe third measurements (60 — 70 years).

8. The total number of people the globe 4 — th dimension is much smaller than the total number of people the globe 3rd Dimension.

9. The geographical position of the continents, mountains, rivers and oceans: different.

10. World 4 — Measurements of all have enough food, there are no animals that eat meat. All vegetarians, even lions, crocodiles and other happy to eat the grass, and the pieces fit together seamlessly lamb and the wolf. Body's needs are met breathing prana — the energy of life — which permeated the air of the world.

11. In the world of the Higher Dimensions no diseases and ailments.

So, if you copy the globe third measurements, carried out with the quantum transition, not all changes in the world of 4th Dimension. With the ascension in the world 4D person gets into a new world for him, which is quite a lot of familiar places and objects of one third of the Reality. Ascended in your physical body a person can get to him a familiar situation: a geographical place in the world where it can be demonstrated even his house, garden, forest, pond, river, dog, cow, etc. And all this will be his "friends and close "in the event that these phenomena and objects fit into the basic reality of the 4th Dimension.

If you do not fit, the person gets to completely new to him, at first unfamiliar world. Nothing is familiar. This is similar to relocate to a new residence. Perhaps people in the world and the 4th Dimension not — then be happy if in their preferred places of residence which suddenly there — that hill or increase river, pond. Or maybe just on their field will your home from the Third Dimension. But they — the inhabitants of the world of the 4th Dimension — far superior to us in its development, and so they will not cause displeasure to take us to her house, they have to look forward to.

Higher Beings waiting time raising the level of consciousness of mankind to their highest level. For them, it is extremely necessary because of the existence of the law Lightworkers who these entities are. At one time, millions of years ago, they helped push forward our mechanism of consciousness. They tried to share with us their knowledge. Now we, humanity Fifth Aryan race, way of mastering three-dimensional reality, must, must not let down their Masters. We need to synchronize the frequency of your consciousness to the frequency of their consciousness. This will allow us to go with them by combining, the general consciousness on the steps of new secret knowledge. Experience, which we will bring to the common fund of higher learning, will solve more of a challenge to us and the higher beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

There will be a union of a data bank of humanity Earth database of higher order. Perhaps this will be the growth of the overall capacity of the database Roses All sorts Realities. But this process is not infinite. When all databases on all fields of games Gods — Creators unite together, the original creators of knowledge One of his creations is full. His game is over, the phenomenal world will roll up to a point, creators will infinitely long data analysis. Then his giant supercomputer will create a new model of its games, and everything will start again.

Man is a multidimensional being who has a relationship with Roses Realities different dimensions. This connection carries his 12 chakras — the disclosure, increased. In fact, 12 of the higher self of man can independently of each other to know their reality. And only one consciousness can collect these higher components together. Higher beings are at different levels, in different Roses Realities, can be synchronized with one of the components of the Higher Consciousness of the One Man and fill it with its opposite or learn from it that — something new for themselves. Thus, activation of their higher centers of the chakras is one of the most important tasks in the development of multi-dimensional human consciousness our Fifth Aryan race.

How and why to raise the level of consciousness?

Just starting to think about this question, you have your shift the consciousness toward the expansion of its range. Expanding your Consciousness means his status when any action in your life you have seen from the heights of vision and analysis accomplishes actions, thoughts and words of his own Divine Self

This means that you no longer live in the automatic mode to increase their earnings in order to meet their personal, often selfish desires. You start to consider what is happening in your life, as factors that help you on the path of merging with your Divine Ya And comes a time in your conscious meditation or in dreams, when enlightenment comes from the vision of

paintings of the higher planes, where you figuriruete an angel of your soul. The pleasure of meeting a wonderful contemplation of his soul and consciousness infinitely beautiful and light fills your consciousness pacification, tranquility and inner greatness (but not high-flown proudly).

Lots of fun and joy begins to realize how imaginary that make no sense. Your life is filled with new meaning even more informative content of his consciousness and desire, you comprehend, to share with other people. Your mind becomes clear and you begin to see in the world around you that you have not previously seen. Heart is filled with love for all living beings and compassion for him. To expand, raising the level of consciousness is to move to the level of his own divinity and restore all forgotten their abilities. This will enable you to rise above the personal pain and suffering, limitations, three-dimensional world. You can consciously manifest in his daily life the splendor of knowledge, magic, which will see themselves as immortal, eternal being of light, created the Love of God. But even to raise his consciousness to the level of the fourth dimension, you will seek even higher, you only realize the beauty and joy of infinite ways to expand your consciousness.

By — a new look at the world, you can not help to begin anew answer vechnostoyaschie before anyone questions: What am I? Why am I here? By putting these questions, you are also on — a new start to make sense of the depth and meaning of the answers to them. Most importantly, you realize — is that

You, eternal and immortal creature that was created by the Love of God to carry the same love. You are a small copy of the all-knowing and all-knowing God.

Predestination, as child of God is eternal state raise its consciousness to the level of the Creator. Now, on the eve of the Ascension, a person who seeks to know the laws of the Creator, is a unique opportunity, without going through physical death, to go to the state of life of the mind in a light body, that is, to ascend to heaven during his lifetime. this has never been on the planet Earth in our universe. Therefore, the task of raising consciousness merges with the task of sliding on the crest of a wave of Ascension. Expansion of human consciousness must be accompanied by generation of an awareness of the process of acquisition of the Divine Wisdom, Power, Opportunity. This should be fixed immediately at the genetic level of understanding of their responsibility. The higher a person will build understanding of this responsibility, the more it will be given to the Supreme Wisdom and Power. The triumph of high consciousness manifested in the Acts of Creation, the materialization of thought. Every thought, born of Consciousness, impregnated certain emotional quality: feelings, love, envy, and the like. Then it can be written in the matrix of the Soul and the storage medium.

Gaining the ability to magnify themselves virtually eliminates physical death forever!

The idea, born of full activity of the brain — that is the source of longevity of the human body. In formulating volitional Attitude, to convey the emotional system of the body and brain activity, mental and emotional energy make hormones constantly rejuvenate the body's cells. Want to live forever — and live! If you live with the knowledge of the body of Eternity, the current now goes into the category of Eternity. Thoughts of the past and hopes for the future of this instant kill. To gain immortality spirit and soul must become the master of the body.

Tasks Lightworkers

The first aboriginal race of mankind, who lived more than 500 thousand years ago, has 12 active threads of the code of life and has been a race of gods in the human body. During the violent stellar evolution aliens from the constellation Draco sent down to the level of humanity of plankton, which generates necessary to power these Chernosuschnostnyh (Reptilians) low frequency energy of fear, chaos, violence, depression, etc. Civilization Family of Light from the constellation of the Pleiades, Sirius and many millions years away from the numbers wishing to change the course of this sad story and run them with a mission, as "saboteurs" eliminate the effect of a reptilian to Earth.

Many of us, those in whom there is a spirit of confrontation evil, lies, hate, and in whom there is the irrepressible desire for happiness, love and equality of opportunity for all in the world — are the volunteers who have plunged into the sea of rebirth in the three-dimensional world to awaken a consciousness of Light to anchor it to the level of consciousness of the planet Earth and make the union of its consciousness in the United Network of Light Earth — Network Christ Consciousness. Thus move its three-dimensional reality of our poor earth on the new frequency level. As a result of this tactical operation Chernosuschnostnye should lose the source of energy supply in the world and eliminate the opportunity to exercise control over mankind.

Volunteers, members of the Family of Light, in the total amount of mankind is not so much, but they have to bring information — having a specific, high-frequency component, carrying light — in the evolution of mankind on Earth, which is tightly controlled Chernosuschnostnyh. The information that these volunteers donesut to aboriginal population, they cause a reaction to the study, and, as a consequence, there will be gene mutation, changing the structure of the code of life inside human cells. They will first go through the stage of the Ascension in the physical body of the three-dimensional reality to the four-and on to the Fifth Dimensional.

Knowledge emitted frequencies of Love and Light to block the low frequency range of fear and chaos. In the future all humanity must go to the level generating higher frequencies in all reality — from the Third and more. This is a quantum shift of the Earth and its humanity in a different reality of light and love from fear, insecurity, violence and chaos.

Latitude perception picture of the universe, Will plus intention to implement the supreme task, together with the self-discipline and infinite love for all living things — these are the indicators that distinguish the lightworkers of the total number of mankind.

To change the structure of the codes of life of mankind from Sirius activated transmission of light waves of a certain frequency. These waves are broadcast in our solar system, where our transmitter — transmitter, the Sun radiates doses and illuminates the earth. The revitalization of the Sun in the period up to 2012 will result in the neutralization effects Reptilians with Moon on humanity. The result of this long struggle will activate the solar component of the subtle bodies of humanity and its transition to a new quantum level — the level of the Family of Light Beings.

It is now very important activity of Lightworkers is forming teams around the Companions of the Spirit. Try to rally the people who are attracted to the higher knowledge. Tell, explain, joint meditation. It can be both your family and friends, and the people who come to the point of awareness of truth. They always strive for this, and you help them to see that what they were intuitively life. Group discussions can take place at home, in an apartment, house or in offices, halls.

Everything is determined by your ability to sell their reality. And already on the way to an hour "X" Quantum transition these union supporters rallied Spirit with you in the lead, will be a beacon of light for the higher stages of consciousness Spirits.

You Lightworkers, having a clear understanding of what is happening, tell the rest of what is happening and in what order. You will become a pacifier and a benchmark for all others. It is possible that some Lightworkers will conduct similar work at the state level. It is these lights Light Spirit will be marked in the maps and charts of the higher planes of the Ascension, as one of the first points on the earth who need to provide attention.

It is difficult to predict a 100% growth scenario, the quantum transition, but it is quite possible that your beacons of light aircraft fly or our Supreme Alien Terrestrial Intelligence, to pick up and move to a safe place and help pass ascension.

What you need to study the esoteric literature?

In 2009 — 2010 the year shall occur first real contact with the life of the Rose is another reality, with other Entities and other Consciousness.

This contact will be highlighted in the media, more governments withhold such contacts will not succeed. End time of all times dictate new understanding and recognizes the existence of the Other Mind in control of humanity and help him. But it may be contact with the forces of darkness, imaginary gods that humanity lure new progressive technologies. Initiates task — to show people who is who. These contacts will be possible, because the Information Network of the Christ Consciousness functions programmed by its parameters.

Completion time of all times must come from 21. 12. 2012 to 19. 02. 2013

Those powerful changes that will occur in the next few years will lead to an increase in unconditional love that people will start to show all living things.
The first on our three-dimensional world will respond to the inner call of Love
Indigo Children and just young people. This will be the part of our young society which will find its way into a sacred space of your Heart — a source of Universal Love, the one great love, has called for the crucified Christ on the cross. He was the first in the world brought to his flame of eternal source of everything in the universe, and he tried to explain this feeling wild at the time of humanity. And was crucified, and was not understood.

Feminine aspect of consciousness takes over the Age of Aquarius will gain strength and heart, especially women and girls. They: children and women — will transform humanity inherited from the outgoing Piscean Age society. It is in the human heart, there is room for the birth of the New World Creations.

In anticipation Quantum transition should study these and similar references to form in his mind the picture of humanity and the movement of a single person along the path of evolution. The plan, laid out the path of the Supreme Being as part of God's plan, and none of it will not go anywhere. All will be involved, and no one will escape involvement in this great event. Therefore, with the knowledge and understanding of all the processes can properly man knows to walk this path and help their loved ones. Gaining clarity will help resolve the difficulties on the way. Brush aside, step aside no one can. Just when will the hour untrained person would be under the overall wheel of chaos and fear, which can crush him and his family.

The more clearly to form a picture of the way of all the upcoming events, the easier it is to focus on helping the people around you, your loved ones. The creator has no intention to destroy our Fifth Aryan civilization, on the contrary — the transition to the 4th and 5th dimension would lead to the change of the entire structure of modern life, tired of the eternal struggle for existence or hold yourself in a certain status of welfare — that are often a thought: "When will I change? '" When will be the end of all suffering? "- those wishes will be realized Humanity System Prime Creator. The world will go to the level of more natural and simple relationship between man and nature, animals and the like.

What can we do about the rest? The simple answer is to stop living logical mind and seek to heart, finding there Wisdom and Knowledge. And let the light illuminate the joy of life to your Dawn of the New Age! The narrative — is one of many versions and do not perceive it as the only and inevitable reality. Try to make sense of large and wide scale happening in the world of the mind. And if you've read this page, then the process of expanding your consciousness accelerated. Imagine the positive development of the types of events, whether personal as well as society as a whole. That will allow all of us to take a quantum transition optimally and Ascension!

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