Quarter against the detainees used violence and bullying

"Violence is applied in respect of each of the fourth and was followed by the detainee abuse and insult. The bulk of the detainees did not resist. The authorities in each of the six cases detentions had distinctions and even hid their faces behind masks. "

Write about human rights activists from the International Observation Mission of the Committee on International Control over the situation with the human rights, which, together with the Belarusian Center for Legal Transformation processed and analyzed 205 questionnaires arrested during the action 19 in Minsk on December.

Only then was delayed and convicted more than 700 people. February 9, the human rights center "Viasna" human rights report was presented on the basis of the collected questionnaires.

"In Belarus, there were massive violations of human rights during arrest and detention, people are not just used violence on them deliberately abused. Then the bullying going on in the courts — according to our research, none has been tried without any disturbance. Check out the punishment was also accompanied by massive violations the rights of people "- Said the famous Russian expert Igor Sazhin.

Belarusian human rights activist Elena Tonkacheva believes that the mass protests in Belarus and the recent talks about the need legal means to prevent the violation of the rights of people who allow the police.

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