Return of the carrier rocket Rus-M

Work to develop advanced rocket "Rus-M" high-load renewed in Samara, told reporters on Wednesday (October 3), the governor of the Samara region, Nikolai Merkushin.

"Now the work on the development of the carrier rocket" Rus-M "renewed. This is a very big plus for Samara, for developers, and it is possible that the project will be implemented," — said the head of the region.

The "Rus-M", he said, is estimated at about 250 billion rubles. Merkushin noted that in recent years the need to resume the project actively lobbied in the structures of the federal government.

Recall Federal Space Agency in 2011, announced the decision to abandon further development of the carrier rocket "Rus-M", which is planned launches from the Baikonur East. The developer of the project was the Samara Space Rocket Center "Progress Samara Space Center."

"Rus-M" — is developing a family of launch vehicles tandem circuit includes three classes of vehicles — from mild to severe — in the range of load capacities from 6.5 ("Rus-MS") to 50 ("Rus-MT") tonnes the low reference orbit from the Baikonur launch at the "East."

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