RF at some point have to crush the global Marauder

Quite clear that Europe is ruled by the people mad … that there is no crime for which they could be capable of, there is no such amount of blood that they would be afraid to shed …. It is clear that we, the people of the Union of Soviet Socialist, live and let live global group of robbers and murderers, and that they were eager to be a part of us kill, some sent to slavery.
Maxim sourness

There is no doubt that the main issue for the international community in the coming years will be the question: who will win? Western civilization is completely disintegrate the Russian Federation, and together with her Russian world as one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, or our homeland will be able to find your own answer to the plans of the architects of "New World Order" and neutralize the forces of the West, and who yearn for further parasite on the body of the planet and the population of the earth.

We must not forget that the Slavic world and Russia is opposed to the West for more than a thousand years. The entire history of Western civilization — a chronicle of murder, rape, robbery, "hunting" on other people's tribes, peoples, civilizations. This civilization was based on the fruits of others' labor assignment.

The first was the control center of the West Catholic Rome (Vatican). Over thousands of years, was a process of the conquest of Europe, many nations and cultures have been one hundred percent destroyed and reduced to slavery, in almost all lost their identity. Thus, the "crusaders" almost completely killed the Slavic-Russian civilization of Central Europe. Although we can not say that it was just a ruthless and bloody battle was for several centuries. Proud and numerous alliances of tribes were wiped out, the population assimilated, some fled to the east, 10's and hundreds of other cities of the Slavs have names, putting the base of the urban culture of Western Europe. The Vatican has subordinated himself to the Celtic civilization, today's Britons, the Scots kept only shreds own rich culture.

Subjecting themselves to Western, Central, North and South-Eastern part of Europe, Rome launched an attack against the Russian land. But was defeated, Alexander Yaroslavovich defeated the Swedish and the German crusaders. Probably because to him have such a hatred of certain figures of Russian culture. After that, Russ decade after decade, century by century firmly restrained anger of the West.

Because parasites began to find the newest and found the victim. In the late 15th — early 16th centuries, the era of the stateliness of Discovery. It led to the destruction and looting of the 10-s of civilizations, cultures, tribes and nations of America, Africa and Asia. Were destroyed and turned into slaves 10's of millions of people. The owners of Western civilization nesusvetno enriched and were able to make a breakthrough in "capitalism", because had the "initial capital". Virtually all planetka was turned into a "hunting grounds".

In the same period, the West was "born" brand new religion (or rather pseudo-religion), which is responsible carnivorous psychology "hunters", slave, slave owners, lenders and speculators. It was a Protestant, which encouraged greed and stated that the rich — the "chosen" by God people. It is practically divided people into rich-elected, "successful" and "losers", the poor, which should serve pokorlivo class gentlemen, because this is God's will. In addition, Protestantism was fascinating that relied more on the Old Testament, not the Gospel, so Makarov, "the Old Testament cruelty" to "heathen", "subhuman" was blessed "Holy Book". Protestantism was good inventory for the enslavement and plunder of the planet. Catholicism, even with his "indulgences" freedom to rob, to kill in the name of God, do not fully satisfy the creators of the New World Order.

Change of ideology, the owners changed the Western project and "control center" — it was London. In the late 19th — early 20th century came to the fore a new center of power "predators" — Washington and New-york. That's why today's tucked in the West is often referred to as the Anglo-Saxons. England and the USA took leading positions, subjecting a little old clans of western civilization — Romance and Germanic.

By the early 20th century, the West had almost total domination of the planet — Persia and the Ottoman Empire were semi-colonies, the other part of the Islamic world transformed into a colony of Western powers. Under the full control of the Indian civilization was in a semi-colony facing big China and its population was actually planted on drugs. Japan has been turned into a dependent "partner." Black Africa is almost one hundred percent colonized. The countries of Latin America in the financial, economic, cultural dependence, their political elites were the puppet on his own liking. By this time, the owners of Western civilization have tried to use the scheme "financial pyramids" — commodity and financial and credit enslavement of entire nations and regions of the planet. Method unblemished violence, following the example of the Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors moved to the second plan. Although, as appropriate, Westerners did not disdain to erase from the face of the planet and the whole people of the country, for example, read the article: How to destroy the "Heart of America", the murder of self-contained Paraguay.

Direct from the fetters of slavery and overseers replaced by monetary network, built a global "financial pyramid", led by banks with old Europe and the U.S. Federal Reserve. This is all accompanied by the implementation of the respective public morality — with the value of the "golden calf". As a result, the vast majority of people lived, and lives, not knowing that each slave collar, and each has its definite place in the global "concentration camp."

The only civilization that could not be absolutely break down and conquer — is Russia. All direct sample kill Russ led to working outcome — the enemy suffered a complete defeat, the territory controlled by Russian world expanded. Brutal Swedish Empire became a neutral state and the Russian Federation has given a part of the Baltic States and Finland. Okatolichennye brothers-Slavs, Poles repeatedly been beaten in the end most of the Commonwealth entered into the Russian Empire. The Ottoman Empire fought by imperial ambitions and western tips of the "partners", lost the Crimea, the northern coast of the Black Sea, a significant part of the Caucasus, went to the Balkans. After the second world war has fallen colonial system and 10s states gained independence and choice, in the sphere of influence of the USSR moved a significant part of the global society.

But West do not leave of their own attempts to kill Russian, combining direct military anger with the actions of intelligence agencies and the "fifth column." United States and United Kingdom have funded and armed Japan, Tokyo incite the Russian Empire. They were the main organizers of the first and second world wars, all revolutions in Russia — 1905-1907, 1917, 1991. West managed to twice break the Russian statehood in the 20th century, the Russian world suffered great human and material losses. Suffice it to say that in the early XX century, Our homeland inferior in terms of population after China and India, if not genocide, which was arranged by the Russian people in the last century, its population would be at the level of half a billion. Rob
bery, which West arranged in Russia after 1917 and 1991, extended his life for a few more decades.

At the current time the situation repeats — Western civilization hooks in the system decline (do not ever parasite), it requires sacrifice. Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran — are just the beginning. They can not save West world. Once the Russian land and the Russian people have the resources that can prolong the existence of the vampire. This vast resources and the Arctic, Siberia, the Far East (the "Wild East"), which can colonize the example of "Wild West". This is the purpose of agricultural land, fresh water, the area is resistant to the likely natural disaster. Millions of Russian ladies, kids, youth, the "brains" that can infuse the freshest blood in the decrepit body of the West (well, one should not forget about the transplantation, the rich want to live long and well.)

Once again, the West help "demons" (on Dostoevsky) smerdyakovskogo poshiba. They are perfectly described the Russian genius Fyodor Dostoyevsky: "… ill-educated, but everything has to civilize the people cultivate even if only slightly, and externally, in a matter of only the habits of their own in the new prejudices, in a brand new suit — is these times and Specifically begin with, that despise their former environments, its own people, and even his faith, from time to time, even to hate "(" Diary of a Writer ").

Each century, as if infected with plague, appeared in the Russian media are people who in most cases voluntarily helped the West to crush Russia, betrayed her. Russian collaborators "fifth column" are in different historical periods different names — "Seven Boyars", "Mazepians", "Freemasons", "Vlasov", "superintendents of perestroika." But, in fact, they are similar, they are motivated by self-interest, personal and partisan interests and hatred of the Russian Federation ("this country", "Raschke.")

For them that an unhurried, but the turn of the ship under the name "Rus" which was labeled with the time of arrival at the helm of the country Putin's horrible death. Our homeland again slowly, but grows stronger right, the whole world heard her voice on the events in Libya and Syria.

Russia revives, and we are waiting for a new battle: either we have them, or they have …

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