RF reminded of the terms of delivery of Vikramaditya

Senior Indian bureaucrats has recently visited Russia, to remind her in no uncertain terms that Vikramaditya (Last Russian "Gorshkov"), which is currently being renovated and modernized at Russian shipyards, to be ready in time (March 2012) for sea trials. The Indians had the prerequisites for concern. In April last year the first 152 Indian sailor arrived in Russia to start training on the Vikramaditya. The Indians came to familiarize with all the ship's systems in order to teach other members of the crew in 1250. But at the same time, the Indian sailors could themselves create, how much progress have gained Russian shipbuilders in preparation Vikramaditya to work. Of course, some of their reports were not encouraging. This led to a very reminders on the highest level. The Russians promised to do everything right, so the aircraft carrier was ready on time.

This project is already behind schedule by four years and exceeded the initial budget of 1.5 billion dollars. This was the basic premise of malevolence between Russia and India. The situation became even worse when it was revealed that Russian bureaucrats bribed own Indian colleagues as an excuse for delay. 10 months back it was made public that the after year investigation senior naval officer (commodore, equivalent to the rank of Rear Admiral United States, Sukhjinder Singh) Responsible for project procurement of aircraft carrier "Gorshkov", was found guilty and dismissed from the navy.

Harm, but was already done. Two years back, after 5 years of bargaining, India, the Russian Federation has agreed to pay an additional $ 1.3 billion to Russian aircraft carrier "Gorshkov" was renovated in accordance with Indian regulations. The initial cost was about billions of dollars, but the Russians have started to work, the situation is complicated and out of control. The Indians are not in the ecstasy of rising prices. Commodore Singh was one of the key figures in the negotiations and was accused of receiving bribes from the Russian side, to ensure that our homeland will get the best conditions of the transaction. But priemuschestvenno Singh was fired because he was an affair with a Russian lady. For the prosecution of corruption was not evidence enough. Kind whatsoever, India wished to express outrage, especially in light of the chaos, to whom is the project of modernization "Gorshkov. "

Other Indian naval officers have already admitted that they were partly to blame for the fiasco, "Gorshkov". They recognize that, during the signing of the deal in 2004, Indian engineers are not examined carefully "Gorshkov"And, after a cursory examination agreed that many of the electronic and mechanical components, hidden in the hull of the ship, are serviceable. Later it turned out that many of these components are not in working condition and must be changed for a lot of money. Soon after signing the Russians found that Shipyard have confused with the drawings, "Gorshkov", and from there all rolled.

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