RF strengthened military power in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, speaking live on state television, thanked Russia for the fact that at this point the armed forces of his country to become truly armed.

In the process of speech President asked the soldiers who took part in the festive opening ceremony Force Base multi-purpose. Note that the location of the newly-established policy framework was elected state of Barinas, and proud military facility was staffed dozen Russian helicopters last generation.

Despite the fact that the world of other states of the defense industry of the Russian Federation is not always completely accurate, just as there are diametrically reverse testimonials about Russian banks, yet President Venezuela sincerely thanked Russia for assistance in the technical equipment of the military base, noting that in our country the best in the world arms.

As for the Venezuela, then Head of State admitted that in his youth he had a parachute jump with an expired because the allotted funding for military purposes shamelessly plundered. Now the problem of the military budget managed to soften, but as long as the complete solution to the financing of the defense-industrial complex is still far away.

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