Rogozin: Laboratory equipment and weapons of war created in Russia

Rogozin: Laboratory equipment and weapons of war established in RussiaRIA Announcements. Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government decided to develop the Interagency Working Group (laboratory) for the development of technical requirements for small arms, optics and equipped troops, said Saturday Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Working group will be responsible for the production of promising technical requirements battle equipped military and its individual systems and testing in the criteria close to real combat use.

"Now small tool, optics, communications and equipment fighter will be developed by designers in daily contact with the Armed Forces Special Forces instructors, FSB, explosives and other units, and testing will take place not in landfills, but in the real world. The main aspect of the evaluation of properties of the products will be effective in combat, "- wrote Rogozin in his own microblog on Twitter.

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