Rogozin: Our homeland will certainly their defense

Rogozin: Russia will create the necessary defenseOur homeland will create its missile defense system, regardless of what they would do in this area of its Western partners, said Russia's permanent representative to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, reports "Interfax"

"As for our aerospace defense, our Russian missile defense, then we will do it regardless of whether they are going to build the Americans and NATO officials. These issues have nothing to do" — said Rogozin.

"We are handling the pace of our defense and security of this work is our own personal needs," — highlighted Russia's permanent representative. He acknowledged that in the field of missile defense is a certain backlog from the United States, but in recent years have been made severe effort to return the missile defense capabilities.

"In my estimation, if we go to the 2015 Adopting a system-500, and this will be our first anti-aircraft system not air and space defense, that, in fact, the case, backlog we have already overcome in the coming years ", — said Rogozin.

In addition, he emphasized that "in the framework of the strategic nuclear forces, we have no backlog." "And this is the basic guarantee of sovereignty Russian Federation", — said the envoy.

Vorachivayas to the issue of missile defense, he expressed the view that "from time to time, the second number on the go cycling profitable." "First cuts a counter air flow. Small backlog for the favorite is useful for favorite always runs the risk that he is wasting even more resources — both human and financial — to find rational solutions of the option or other difficulties. The second to be profitable, because you can spy bugs and, on the contrary, to behold a promising direction ", — said Rogozin.

According to him, one can see what is happening to the U.S. missile defense — that their success and what is not — and do not repeat the mistakes of the Yankees, to create a system "capable of ensuring the safety of, as in the European part of it, and on the south perimeter and in the Far East. " "According to my disk imaging, we do not have a dramatic situation. At least, in this direction," — concluded Rogozin.

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