Rogozin: Russian defense industry assets to repurpose or sell

Rogozin: the Soviet defense industry assets to repurpose or sellRIA Announcements. Oversees defense Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin holds the view that Russian, "an old" assets to DIC or reorientate, or to sell, because do in their modern creation difficult.

This is Rogozin wrote Friday in Twitter.

"An old assets — reorientate or sell, focusing on the main thing — to fulfill the state defense order, clothe and rearm the army and navy, do parallel civilian high-tech development and push forward the industrialization of our country's locomotive "- summed up the Deputy Prime Minister.

Make the creation of a modern defense industry in the Russian shops hard, because in Russian, the "not enough fussed about the" expensive cost "- payment for land, heat, light," wrote the deputy prime minister.

At the same time, he said, "will do everything" on the brain "- to buy new machines, refine mobzadanie, calculate the highest utilization of equipment and" inevitable, it is very necessary, "the growth of labor productivity. Also need to" destroy the dictatorship of monopoly pricing, subcontractors' and convince the customer in the face of the Ministry of Defence to give a fair rate of return, to increase wages and build a house for professionals also absorb funds and again to buy and develop new technologies and equipment, wrote Rogozin.

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