Rogul normal

Rogul ordinary

Once upon a time long ago, my aunt, a teacher, told the story.

Her students — Losers amused that neprelichnoy abuse tore lessons. My aunt brought him into the hallway and offered freely, without any restrictions from the heart swore, and then come back to class and quietly see out to the end of the lesson. At a young matershinnika made reasonable objection that the swearing in an empty corridor is completely uninteresting to him, for no one is listening and can not appreciate its coolness.

Not so long ago, visitors of this website have witnessed emergence of such matershinnika who wrestle in front of a mirror bored, and he coveted audience. And the audience nepuganoy and for such an obviously unprepared.

Many do not realize that happened. And in fact to us at the light turned Ukrainian fighter ideological front. And communicate with us because it used to at home. Because adore and favor not ask.

This is not a traditional trolling. I have referred to this mental exhibitionism. I would not generally affect this an unpleasant subject, if not three points:

— This type will certainly be back. He needs an audience, as described just above the achiever.
— He's not alone. In fact many of these already. This kind of trolling specially cultivated and grown to such a level that spilled from the marginal websites on the solid. I'm afraid it was just exploration.
— This kind of trolling is obviously strong national coloring.

Specifically, this prompted me to write the true article to warn colleagues on the forum, with whom they recently may encounter.
It was a traditional Ukrainian trolling, different from, for example, the Polish trolling. The phrase "Ukrainian" write with difficulty, since it does not feature the state of the population of Ukraine and not a perversion how anyone could think of. This obmyslennaya and should recognize effective form of political struggle which aims to sow ethnic strife on a feeling level. Specifically senses. Flawless situation where whatever context uttered the keyword "topknot" or "Moskal" causing the shutdown of the brain, heart palpitations and spontaneous contraction fists. Also in this state propaganda installation is that it is very successful lay down a number of features like the part, I emphasize, the inhabitants of the Ukraine.

But at first slightly Ukrainian history

Modern Ukrainian nationalist ideology revolves around the core statements of the municipal hymn: "mi, brattja, Kozatska race."

In essence the Cossacks that existed on the territory of Ukraine is divided into three groups:

— This The Cossacks, first ethnic Circassians, then dissolved in the middle of people from adjoining nations. This predatory republic, a cross between a pirate republic of Tortuga and the State Spartans surrounded powerless helots. The Cossacks have repeatedly visited the part of Poland, Russia and Turkey. And every time there yourself begged, looking for a temporary "roof" after yet another campaign against predatory neighbors. After moving to the Caucasus Cossacks, becoming the Kuban and Terek Cossacks, banditry committed, civilized, joined the cohort of imperial nations themselves become an imperial nation. Part of the same Zaporozhtsev moved across the Danube, becoming an integral part of the history of the Ottoman Empire.

— This Cossacks from the left bank of the Dnieper, From the 16th century is part of the Moscow principality, in fact indistinguishable from the Don Cossacks. This Cossack community perceived the most concrete role in the Russian Empire, and therefore is a full imperial people with inherent to such peoples mentality.

— This Registered Cossacks in the service of the Commonwealth and defending its interests, including fighting the Cossacks. They have always been a second-rate part of the Polish population to a suitable miserable outlook. According to the status they are not much different from the "rednecks" and "Rogule" as called by the population of the Right-Bank Ukraine Polish gentry.

In other words, none of the Cossacks never support the idea of "Independent Ukraine"And the idea of binding the state of modern Ukraine to the history of the Cossacks is juggling historical facts.

In fact, Ukraine (if short) is divided into four areas — Left Bank (in the Russian Federation since the 16th century), Hetman (in the Russian Federation since the early 18th century), New Russia — the former Wild Field and the Crimea (in the Russian Federation since 1764) and Galicia — colony of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (in the USSR since 1945).
From here, the difference in terms of integration and begins seeing now split of Ukraine in the South — East and West.

On the anti-Russian orientation of the "Project Ukraine" read superfluous. I want to talk about something else

I wish to tell about ordinary soldiers on the other side of the ideological front, the 1st of which we had the pleasure to watch live.
I will explore the theme "Hohlosracha" and dissects these individuals a couple of years. It is not always pleasant, but sometimes there are funny moments. But overcoming the natural human aversion and showing patience, was able to identify some consistent trends, and which I wish to share with the visitors of this website.

Incidentally, the term Khokhol

As you know, the history of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks has 400 years. Of their 200 years of robbery and 200 years of building Russian Empire. Because Zaporozhye Cossacks has no relationship to the history of the country's newfound "Ukraine", but directly to the history of the country "Russia". In other words, "story about living" — is ours, Russian. And I, a descendant of the Kuban Cossacks and, accordingly, a descendant of Zaporozhets, sad and bitter, that the word "topknot" by mistake became abusive and applies to people crippled, no rights to it do not have. Personally, I'm a word in a pejorative sense, try not to use it. The benefit of the Russian language is able to give a more tart substitution. (I like "Schenevmerliki").

This situation I can only compare with the Slavic Kolowrat that Hitler's Nazis appropriated the swastika and vulgarized in 12 years for the ages.
Through the efforts of Ukrainian Nazis metamorphosis occurred with the word "Svidomo." "Svidomo" translated from Ukrainian of only "conscious." But in the Russian language, the word for ever got the definition sorrowful mind of man, which was the basis for understanding the world cave russophobia based on heresy Goebbels spill.

View Svidomita-oranzhoyda-schenevmerlika

First, it comes from the central part of Ukraine, of the layers in the development of civilization which is not mature enough even to their own country. Carriers of state ideas — Cossacks moved to the North Caucasus, leaving helots who completely do not care for anyone to work on the Poles, Cossacks, Jews or Russian. These right-bank helots outgrown the clan structure, but got stuck at the level of the tribe. Because the difficulties of the country, and even more multi-ethnic country (Empire), are outside the scope of their awareness. The limit of the flight of thought — satisfaction of physiological needs. Accordingly, all the other people they consider as simple creatures. I regret watching this narrowness of the Western media have even a very high IQ.

But this ordinary performer
s. Instigators and abetted in their Galicians. For a typical Galician painstakingly concealed bitter disappointment. In a brand new state they intend for the first time in its history to become an elite, pans, snow-white masters, but did not happen. Specifically here hatred of Donbass, which feeds them, but does not recognize their owners.

In the end, we have a bunch of Galitsay — Right Bank Rogul similar to a bunch of fist-prokulak or Sher Khan — Tobacco. 1st in conjunction beneficiary, the motives of the second irrational. But who are the loudest yelps? That's right, Tobacco.

Eagerness to take a superior position in society — naturally. But the merits of different ways. Some people get in the way of creativity, trying to outshine the other (like France after the defeat in the war with Prussia). Others try to "drop" the neighbors at first to its own level, and if you are lucky, and below. Way Svidomita — definitely the second path.

Since the highest matter of reach, beyond any argument not accepted physiology and swept aside as "silly." The whole debate is rapidly reduced to the dispute in the style of debate Panikovski Shura Balaganov: "And who are such, please tell me? — Who are you such? — No, who you are, I ask? — Who are you such? '.

I charge, does not compete with them in this. Lose instantly.

A distinctive feature of Svidomita is showcasing its own advantages. But, as his deliberate megalomania is the reverse side concealed inferiority complex, mania becomes grotesque caricature form that untrained interlocutor may sound confusing at first, and then induce a strong desire to retreat and call the paramedics. Weighted respectful debate is simply impossible.

Glow, which Svidomity attack Russia, is directly proportional to their woes in politics and economics. Our achievements in aviation and astronautics cause malicious envy, misfortune fierce ecstasy. Hard to put into words the satisfaction on the verge of orgasm, what they experienced when drowned "Bulgaria". As they chew over our failures and problems … And do it loudly and demonstratively.

The reason for this is clear to me. They need to justify, not so much to others as ourselves for ourselves, that separation from the Soviet Union became a boon for them. And if the facts contradict this, then, the worse for the facts. They say the same indulge our fellow citizens are working lozhkomoyami in America and Europe.

Legends Svidomitov

Leitmotif novoukrskoy mythology is unshakable confidence in the near collapse of Russia. Terms of collapse relegated for the past two decades, but the confidence only grows stronger. For each year end approaching.

Outline can be infinitely long, so will list only the main legends:

— Ukraine appeared 140,000 years ago and has a rich and glorious history, have been withheld Darn Muscovites. However, the rest of the world also did not know about it, but it never challenged.

— There are such old people — Shelter, which has always existed and always called.

— Russian stole its name from Ukraine. (Because language Svidomita Pronounce Our homeland simply does not turn. Instead, invented new words: Raska Rosisya, Royce, Ryutsitsikiya (Matsatsakaliya) and other linguistic perversions). However, this statement is in contradiction with the previous, but who trevozhut change?

— Ukraine in fact occupied areas of the USSR and a half to double / triple after the inevitable collapse of Russia.

— Before the "Holodomor" Ukrainians were more than half the population of the USSR.

— All is not bad in the USSR — the result of Ukrainians all bad — Russian.

— Ukraine feeds Russia. Without Ukraine, we will die of hunger.

— Ukrainians do not curse obscenities. Neprelichnye expression in the address of the Russian Federation obscenities are not.

— The Russian did not work. Not in the sense of bad work, not work at all. For all of them make the Tajiks and Ukrainians.

— Russia have pronounced Mongoloid features, stroll in sandals, doze on the stove in an embrace with balalaika and prefer glassWe (do not ask me what it is all the same, the very many years trying to figure out at Svidomitov), brandy and tekilke. About bears in the streets do not mention. It is they who nobly left Europeans.

Speaking of which, they do not priduryayutsya, I assure you. They know exactly what it is and talk about the intricacies of our miserable life, in all seriousness with striking details.

— Russia not Slavs, but immediately: Finnish / Ugric / Mordovians / Mongols / Tatars.

— And here also: Among the Slavs Ukr old brother, and Russian, respectively, a junior. Again, not looking for a logical link with the previous statement.

— Every morning, a bloody tyrant Putin wakes up with the idea of what would be even an abomination to inflict Ukraine. It is the power of empire is spreading in Russia, said that the Russian — the highest, God's chosen race, brings in their chauvinism and nationalism, and, in general, wants to conquer the world, eclipsing Dr. Evil. He is the zombie population, so that he is worshiped as God. Without it, in Russia long ago would have been ruled by the "orange", and the gas would be delivered at a fair value of $ 50 per cubic meter.

— Hungry Russian dream move to Ukraine. The number of migrant workers in the Russian Ukraine grows unprecedented pace.

And the most important myth: Ukraine will soon become the greatest power of the planet, which will admire all the people. The only obstacle-guess who? Of course, our homeland. Soon, very soon, the U.S. and Russia will kill all of her wealth will give Ukraine. Why Ukraine? Silly question. And who else?

Features and trends "Hohlosracha"

Remember Kipling
"We are considerable! We are free! We are admirable! Worthy
admiration, as no people in the jungle! We all say so — which means it
the truth! — They shouted. — At the moment, we will tell you for myself, what we
noteworthy, since you have to listen and you can tell the people of our words
The jungle, so that in the future he directed attention to us. "

It should then be surprised that a Svidomitam firmly sticked also nicknamed "banderlog?"

But the most perceptible is that in the end the repeated iterations banderlog themselves believe in their greatness. And if a couple of years back it was a deliberate trolling in order to draw the opponent off balance, at the moment it is claimed, in all seriousness as a well-known truth. A sample point to a certain lightness of arguments encountered the immediate neprelichnuyu language.

It may seem that one person wrote the same thing under different nicknames. And it is, as already. But grown up a new generation that thinks the same cliches and repeat them word for word a string. And the number of such individuals is growing.

But not everywhere.

As mentioned Ukraine as a single entity is not. There Levoberezhnye media empire and psychology are the descendants of Polish serfs, whose servility has not disappeared to this day.

Poles in the past, and is currently referred to as the Ukrainians Rogule. Because the word "Rogul" in the middle svidomitov-banderlog — schenevmerlikov under vneglasnym banned.

But here's the inhabitants of the left-bank Ukraine use the word in relation Pravoberezhnikov constantly.

The Battle of the Ukrainian websites is day and NIGHT MODE. The participants are ours. Most of the deals frank banter. In other words, the attack on Russia in response instead of hatred Svidomitam despicable. Can you imagine how sad — rush forward on recess, and from the bunker instead of clicks nightmare hear laughter and snide comments regarding vulgarity your posture.

But from the standpoint of public incitement of hatred, that is a good result. Even those who are seriously
struggling to Ukram basic question is: "What's your name, little dog barking at the elephant? '. And in that very often, in fact constantly, the Russian front were one with the people of Crimea, eastern and southern Ukraine. Accordingly, Westerners can not stand their own Southern and Eastern citizens into a frenzy, to convulsions. Even more than the Muscovites.

But while the puppeteers are fully accountable for the success of the operation, for not understanding the essence of ordinary Rogule thing is yet to come. Since on their websites an advantage of the full insignificance of the Russian Federation and Ukraine confirmed (Who does not agree suitcase-station-Russia), they decided that it was time the ideological expansion.

It is time to explain the Russian that they no, the people with no nationality, history, honor, brain, conscience and property. So when the Shelter will come (in their all-time in the future) for his own, Muscovites have to give everything without resistance and with words of gratitude for the lesson.

In the meantime, we must repent. And do not repent that 300 years drank juice and not in the famine. This past deeds. We must repent of this terrible crime and undeniable: that proud freedom-loving Ukraine for 20 years, did not become the second France.
Ask, where is our home? And who else?

Fierce ideological rink with Ukraine is approaching. Blitzkrieg is inevitable, because in no other way. It is fate.
So, get ready to defeat at the mental level, colleagues. Get ready and tremble.

In general, there is one option. Remember why the Elder Gods have expired? Forgotten about them.

Do not argue with Svidomitami general. Ignore Hohlosrach. Absolutely. Remember that he was inspired by enemies of both nations. Do not feed the trolls banderlog not lower yourself to their level. The way they wriggle in front of a mirror and poisoned their venom.

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