Romanchuk has remained in the party that has lost its credibility

Today, the National Committee of the United Civil Party, expressed a vote of no confidence in the deputy chairman of the party, Yaroslav Romanchuk, and deprived positions Andrei Dmitriev, who led the party commission on international issues.

Yaroslav Romanchuk, made a presentation on the first item on the agenda — the outcome of the presidential election campaign. Friends of UCP also initiated further involvement Romanchuk in the life of the party. At the meeting heard his position. In criticizing the Yaroslav Romanchuk after December 19 were the honorary chairman of the United Civil Party Stanislav Bogdanovich, vice-chairman Lev Margolin, and other UCP. After this there was a vote of confidence Romanchuk as deputy chairman of the party. For trust no votes. Now the fate of the party career Mr. Romanchuk has to decide the party's congress. Lev Margolin said:

Lev Margolin

"The National Committee voted to de facto deprive Yaroslav Romanchuk as the Vice Chairman of the party. Indeed, to do so, de jure to the congress. Yet we emphasized that we consider it inappropriate in this situation is to Yaroslav Romanchuk acting deputy Chairman. "

According to Margolin, the congress depends on a number of circumstances, so it is hard to say when it will happen. Will Mr. Romanchuk Congress to serve as Vice? To this, Mr. Margolin said,

"It's up to him. He listened to the views that are expressed National Committee members who voted against it, and then he himself will draw conclusions. I think he's got it."

Mr. Margolin said that the exclusion of Yaroslav Romanchuk of the party did not come up, because he is "a very good specialist and can bring a lot of good games, and these things will be on his conscience."

"I run with ordinary party members every day, and I know the majority view of what happened on December 20. Jaroslav We recommended that he still made a bit of a press conference and said that he thought then and what he thinks about it. But, unfortunately, this did not happen. Nor did he himself used the opportunity to resign. So we had to make a decision. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk stated that he respects the position of his party. He says the party will work on previous principles, to help his friends.

"And what is the Acting Deputy, I do not know very well, because they were on a voluntary basis. Ie, contacts remain. This is a political decision, which does not rule out political activities, helping our friends and, of course, first of all activities for the release of Anatoly Lebedko . "

By Romanchuk, for his personal position, he is personally responsible.

"When will Anatoly Lebedko, will be addressed. But today I do not see any possibility of running for the post of deputy chairman at the next exit. This is a decision I will soon, if I consider that it has something to help the party and the cause of freedom and independence of our country."

When asked, he changed his position on Dec. 20 after today's meeting Natsky, Mr. Romanchuk said:

"The sole purpose and motivation of this statement was, of course, save lives. Point. Another motivation was not. In this situation, if there was limited information and was such a threat, I found it necessary to do so, knowing that it could put an end on my career. Politically, it is in this sense. there are other ways to measure work in civil society and politics, but today I believe the most benefit I can bring what I do in the field of economic education, economic reform. This is what I will to do. "

UCP National Committee dismissed Andrey Dmitriev, who headed the party committee on international affairs. The new chairman of the commission elected Yuri Lavrentyev. With free Dmitrieva spoke at the meeting of the National Committee of the honorary chairman of the party Stanislav Bogdanovich, and this proposal was accepted by a majority vote. Lev Margolin said:

"He worked for the company," Tell the truth. "And this company will continue to exist. This may just be a conflict of interest."

December 20 Yaroslav Romanchuk issued a statement condemning the actions of Andrei Sannikov, Vital Rymasheuski and Statkevich. He said that together with the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko repeatedly tried to persuade Sannikov and Statkevich abandon plans for radical action.

The guide of the United Civil Party three persons. Chairman Anatoly Lebedko behind bars "American." He was temporarily replaced the honorary chairman — Stanislav Bogdanovich. In their places two deputies — Leo Margolin and Yaroslav Romanchuk.

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