Romney or Obama? Surprisingly, there is a difference

Romney or Obama?  Oddly enough, there is a difference Costoyalsya second debate presidential candidate of the Republican Party candidate for the U.S. and the second term as president of the Democratic Party. Questions that podymali at the debate were not very exciting, perhaps due to the fact that they asked the audience. As a result, they are quite narrow and focused advocacy and biased to those outside the U.S. who are not sufficiently known. But here's the result of the debate was somewhat nice from the previous one.

Now, according to the estimates of the audience, Obama barely beat. Before the results of the previous Romney, he did not get very far, but still, channel estimation CNN CNN showed that 46% of viewers gave preference to Obama, 39% — Romney. According to the results of blitsoprosa C-PBS, 37% of viewers who watched the debate gave preference to Obama and 30% — Romney. Other respondents felt that the match ended in a draw. Recall that the previous round, the polls CNN, always sympathetic to the Democrats, Romney was won with a score of 67-25.

So Makarov, it should be noted that Obama failed to take a convincing revenge and assessment of people who are sympathetic to either a candidate from the standpoint of voting in elections has so far remained virtually balanced — Obama is a little bit ahead, but within the statistical error. So Makar, from the standpoint of the results of the debate will be the main third round, which will be devoted to foreign policy, but, given the current economic state of affairs in the United States, it is very unlikely to affect the choice voters.

With all of this, be aware that the U.S. elections are not straight, and therefore — verbovanie support for them in the states in which the majority of a firm owned by a competitor, rather silly. And representatives for the composition of which, in fact, and will vote on Nov. 6, is also different: namely, some may change their own voice in the final election. Obviously, if the victory of the 1st of the candidates will be convincing, this is unlikely to happen, but if the situation will be 50/50, with none of the 1st is not an absolute majority — anything can be.

We still note that, as the result of the election crisis is becoming more and more than the principal. The Flight Control City Group, the third (and before nedavneshnego time of the first) of the banking group in the U.S., with their own posts, in this sense, is very revealing. The fact is that the psychology of the entrepreneur at least some first at least some of the crisis is fairly typical: it is necessary to hide all very difficult and wait for the situation to improve, so that later you acquire profits, "patch" the hole. And all would be fine, but from time to time, the crisis is prolonged. A hole remains. And explain to them the presence of the controlling, and even the judiciary is becoming increasingly difficult.

Currency U.S. authorities are going to conduct regular stress tests of banks — it is possible that some difficulties have come out here. However, with high probability, far not all, as the "one hand washes," and the financial elite to nedavneshnego time, at any rate, was quite united. So open your own oploshki bureaucrats not hunt. But in any case, very strong possibility that the financial sector is doing, to put it mildly, not very perfectly.

Let us recall here the situation of spring 2008, when the governor of the State of New-york Elliott Spitzer drew attention to the difficult situation of insurance companies — for which he paid with his own are the same position. Another example, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is not so typical, as he suffered, faster, for a policy than Prof. errors, but the procedure was to make punishment for officials is very strong memory. In this situation, they will be very careful with regard to the disclosure of at least some disk imaging, which can affect the layout of forces in the money or the political elite.

Saving Obama as president of the bureaucrats virtually guarantees that before they will be virtually exhausted all resources, no one would not change anything — and in this sense, they are all for the preservation of status quo. But Romney is likely to try to do something, although it is not very clear as to what extent. But the bureaucrats who, in general, to represent himself scale problems will resist vigorously, as it is possible that even the most feeble reforms may now cause a collapse. In any case, the heads of large financial companies once very rapidly began to leave their posts — you need to think, not the case. City is not the first and, I think, is not the last example.

And so Makarov, chief of the population will be the position that should not even aware of (for this he has no disk imaging or general culture), but, rather, to feel that on so can not last, that the continuation of Obama's policies, at some point will lead to a situation where there is no exit in general — because all the resources are exhausted to maintain the model that still exist can not. There really are not even implemented the script of "Great" depression, and something worse.

If people feel — that Romney's rating should go up dramatically just before the election, or, the people vote directly on the election — despite the polls. Then, by the way, your hands are untied and Obama, as he will have two months, during which time he was practically able to do many things without much responsibility, which is psychologically will be on the Romney.

In general, it is all speculation. Meanwhile, we can only note that the society in the United States has apparently not prochuyalo all the significance of its own decisions based on their own beliefs determine the future in the medium term — and believes that the personality of the new president is not enough that depends.

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