Romney promises if elected to abolish the Ministry of Education of the United States

Romney promises if elected to abolish the Ministry of Education of the United StatesRIA Announcements, Denis Voroshilov. Candidate the Republican Party in the U.S. presidential Mitt Romney promises if elected structurally reform the system of public administration, virtually abolishing the Department of Education and Housing.

"I'm going to Washington to deal with all these ministries and agencies. I wish to join them, some will be discontinued. At the moment I can not exactly say what specific … but ministry Education will be merged with another agency and can be structurally reduced. Of course, I'm not going to get rid of it completely, "- shared Romney his plans with the participants of the meeting to raise funds for his campaign.

His statement candidate did the other day, in the evening, but it was one of the main news on federal TV channels in the Sun.
Among the agencies that when the hypothetical presidency may end up being Romney also referred ministry for Housing.

Inner-election campaign the Republicans continue at the current time, three candidates: favorite race, the last governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, a conservative and populist Newton Gingrich and congressman with libertarian Ron Paul applets. The Democrats in presidential elections to be held on November 6, will participate incumbent President Barack Obama.

The issue of increasing the properties of education in the U.S. is the main thing for Obama. He is pushing for state support of this sphere, calling these measures investment in the future of the U.S. economy. Republicans, however, strongly opposed to the growth of the country's role in the life of the country, criticized Obama for excessive government spending and called a socialist.

Coupled with the fact, according to public opinion polls, Obama keeps lead in 9-10% of the most popular in the country, Republican Romney.

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