Rosa Kaganovich, Stalins USSR undercover government

[Center]Rosa Kaganovich, Stalin's secret ruler of the Soviet Union[/ Center] How did one of the greatest hoaxes of Russian history

During the life of the people walking in the middle of Stalin rumor that Teran — only a pawn in the hands of some secret powerful forces. After the death of Joseph Stalin that thought only intensified by: davneshney Russian tradition ruler is always listed as good, and evil boyars kicked around them and the state, as desired. Hence the justification that the creator of repression in fact Beria, the first step of the war lost because of the "conspiracy
Marshals' and all went bad in fact disguised by Trotskyist Khrushchev.

From the same series — the mysterious "third wife" of Stalin, concurrently to the same "Kaganovich's sister." At that hearing, that Rosa Kaganovich essentially controls the state instead of Stalin has spread only in the middle of the highest and the average Russian bureaucracy and intelligentsia (the middle of the two middle categories — from bolshennymi rehashing) in the lower classes, to people he did not leave. But in the middle of immigrants since the idea of "Stalin's henpecked" spread very widely. Former white officers refuses to believe that a semi-literate nedavneshny abrek Raider and could be handled with that enormity is our homeland. "Torture in the basement and read from notes he could and could not govern."

So much so, that the Germans, capturing Stalin's son Yakov, among the main questions were asked, "Who else comes into the group Rosa Kaganovich? What are the administrative features wife of Stalin? ".

Researchers have so far can not say for sure whether there was in fact that Rosa Kaganovich. In April this year, the Centre typology and semiotics Russian folklore Municipal Institute for the Humanities (RSUH) even held a seminar on the subject, where the keynote address, "How was the legend of the man: the story of Stalin lurking wife, Rosa Kaganovich (based on the archives and collections of emigrant)" acted Alexander Arkhipov (I was at this meeting).

As you know, the family Kaganovich had four brothers and one sister — Rachel. She died in 1926. But she learned Arkhipova, with Lazar Kaganovich was a niece — the daughter of his brother Julius, and also as a sister named Rachel. She was born in 1918, married and changed her last name to Karpov in 1940 and died in 1994. Unofficially, its narrow circle called "The Rose." In 1935, when, according to rumors, Stalin came third wife, Rachel, Rosa Kaganovich was 17 years old and on a theoretical level, she could join the close relationship with the leader.

Debate that it is in 1935, Stalin appeared wife, There is no coincidence — then, as is commonly believed, he began to retreat psychologically after the suicide of his second wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva (1932). A 1933rd and 1934 th year generally been for Stalin, as the French psychologist Daniel Rancourt-Laferer in his book "The psyche of Stalin," time hobbies homosexuality.

"Presumably, the fancy man was a Hungarian Jew KV Pauker, head of the personal protection of Stalin first and middle 30s. The owner of "indecent Reds and sensual lips and passionate dark eyes" was totally devoted to Stalin.

Pauker was lost during the numerous purges of 1937 in conjunction with the others. If Stalin were with him sexy things, he was not inclined to perceive their sugary. Stalin could never accept them as homosexual, if, for example, played in their purely "active" role (for example, allowing Pauker do blowjob), "- writes Daniel Rancourt-Laferer.

And then there have some idea of some members of the Political Bureau of the method of lead Stalin in a sense. "It is said that Kaganovich, seeing the serious condition of the cartridge after the death of his wife, decided to comfort him by his sister Rosa (we already knew that it was not my sister, and niece Kaganovich — "JV"). She was very beautiful. Lazarus is hoped that the presence of a number with the leader fascinating ladies will remove Stalin's persecution complex attacks, which, like Ivan the Terrible, began immediately after the death of his wife, "- said the researcher Kraskova in his book" The Kremlin's mistress. "

Another version — Stalin by the middle of 1930 turned into a schizophrenic (sometimes he did not even remember his own name). And the top of the country urgently useful guardians of the leader. It is in this capacity, and performed Rachel Rosa Kaganovich, which, in turn, took care of myself Lazar Kaganovich. Namely, this version adhered to the German General Staff. Frame rose from the end of the penultimate large manic breakdown of Stalin in 1937, was in charge of personnel matters determined by the internal and external policies of the Soviet Union.

But that reported Sergo Beria, the son of Lawrence Beria: "My sister or niece Rosa Kaganovich … was not his wife, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, but the child of her was. She herself was very beautiful and very intelligent lady and I know liked Stalin. Their proximity and become concrete precondition suicide Nadezhda Alliluyeva, wife of Joseph Stalin. The kid that grew in a family Kaganovich, I knew. The boy's name was Yura. The boy was like a Georgian. His mother had gone somewhere, and he remained in the family Kaganovich "(SL Beria" My father Beria ").

There are indications of a medical professor Dmitry Pletnev (who was executed in 1938 as a "doctor-poisoner"). Frame Stalin when trying to approach with Rosa Kaganovich had difficulties with potency, and Misha Kalinin
advised him to have surgery rejuvenation, which earned him the most brilliant results. The result eclipsed expectations of Stalin, and the joy he gave Pletnev original painting by Raphael "Christ Crowned with Thorns" from
Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. The two other doctors involved in the transplant glands, got on the car, and 50 thousand rubles.

It seems that it may, in the medium average Russian elite since the late 30's was common perception that top could just break through the "Salon Rosa Kaganovich." Rules of them, obviously, the very Rachel-Rose, also her uncle Lazarus, Khrushchev, Beria and Molotov. After the war, a member of the "Salon" was and Bulganin.

Later, during the war, rumors about Rosa Kaganovich and fueled a prediction of Blessed Matrona, spoken to her in 1943. Like, she foretold that Stalin is killed, his sister smother pillow Kaganovich.

The myth of the forceful destruction of Stalin was common among all sections of the population of the USSR from the time of departure of the leader. Differed only "killer" — Beria, Khrushchev, Kaganovich, or all of them together. The quintessence of this hearing is described in the book Fishman and Hutton's "Life of Stalin", released in 1987. They refer to a certain "memorandum of Beria." It Tipo described a sequence of events. At a meeting of March 1, 1953 Kaganovich as claimed parse "the Doctors' special committee and cancel the order for the deportation of Jews, with the severed own membership card and threw it in the face of Stalin. Kaganovich Tipo supported by all the members of the Presidency, not including Beria and Khrushchev. Stalin had a stroke in anger, and in order to bring him to his senses, Molotov handed him a glass of brandy. When Stalin came to h
imself, he ordered everyone to leave, not including Beria and Malenkov, he said that poisoned Molotov, and posted his will, with the Molotov referred to the most insecure person in the country, to subordinate their own impact Voroshilov, Bulganin and Khrushchev. Stalin, Beria and Malenkov recommended to Khrushchev, First Secretary, but to control it through the Council of Ministers.

It is interesting that in this "memo" There is absolutely no Kaganovich. But his absence, however, suggests to many on the idea that since Lazar took the blow from himself and his own guns — Rachel-Rose. Specifically Rose Kaganovich, they say, instead of Molotov presented a glass of poisoned brandy Stalin.

One version says that then, in 1953, Khrushchev, Kaganovich eliminated Rose how to do their job and the now useless. In another version, as mentioned above, it was lost in 1994. Niece continued to Kaganovich and continue to manage the Soviet Union — with Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and even Yeltsin — even rumors at this point.

There is only apocryphal, that "the Son" Stalin Yuri (actually adopted son Kaganovich) was kicked out of the house Lazar else first 1950 for stealing rabbits from the country in the Silver Forest. Frame had already started to become an inveterate drunkard, Yuri,
and dragged out of the house all that came to hand. Enlisted the gold mines in Yakutia. Later in 1960 he moved to Priangursk in Chechnya. There has converged with a lady, a kindergarten teacher, with whom they had a child. Himself Yuri Kaganovich, "Stalin" was killed in 1976, but his son (grandson of "Stalin") later became prominent Chechen separatist, whose relationship with the dictator hiding Russian special services (nearly Shamil Basayev). As is customary at this point to read blogs, "and here Dastan cursed Stalin."

It should be noted that not only the "Stalin's grandson, Shamil Basayev," and the real child Stalin Characterized by the Russian Federation and personally to the Russian. In a recent interview with Svetlana Alliluyeva own, which according to the documents currently listed as "Lana Peters" knows:

"I am already 30 years old have a South American citizenship. And I do not want to read in Russian. I've always hated Russia … I'll never go back to Russia, no matter how much of it any voices. I am not an ethnic Russian. My mother was Russian. She is the daughter of German mother and father half-gypsy. Because she was such an emotional ".

"Stepmother" its never mentioned it. Barely one day slip that after death of Stalin "was a lady in black." Was it the Rose Kaganovich, is unclear.

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