Roscosmos and ESA agree on joint exploration of Mars

Roscosmos and ESA agree on joint exploration of Mars

Head of Russian Federal Space Agency and ESA (Euro Space Agency) have agreed on joint role of 2-departments in the research mission ExoMars, designed to study the Red Planet. The plans to bring to the Martian orbit reconnaissance probe in 2016, and in 2018 — to begin monitoring of the rover.

At the meeting of the Metropolitan Vladimir Popovkin and Jean-Jean Dordain signed the corresponding protocol, also received a number of reports on the prospects of development of manned astronautics, also on the state of the industry right now.

The joint programm Space Agency and ESA can go to a specific stage of implementation after the document is subjected to review in the Russian government. In addition, the likely costs project will also be analyzed in the most painstaking manner.
Press Secretary Roscosmos Mrs. Vedischeva said that Russian and European parties considered cooperative project is very exciting and feasible. In addition, the Russian Space Agency in hopes that an agreement on a specific project start will be signed later this year.

It is worth recalling that in NASA at the time stated that the remaining funding does not provide the ability to work in a joint project by the Mars Exploration with different robotic devices. Particularly after the failure of the Federal Space Agency NASA has decided to take part in this kind of program there. With all this Popovkin states that Roscosmos will ensure compliance with the following special criteria.

Condition 1. Deliveries of scientific instruments to be implemented specifically Russian side.

Condition 2. Introduction of Russian carrier rocket "Proton" Europeans should be set off as part of the Russian contribution to the project ExoMars.

Condition 3. Acquired as a result of future mission data will become the property of Mental ESA and Sciences.

Head of Russian Federal Space Agency hopes that the financial role of in the project will be thorough after insurance payments are received for the lost "Phobos-Grunt". According to some reports, the Federal Space Agency expects to receive from the insurers of up to 1.2 billion dollars. rubles. Overall, the spending limit for the project ExoMars is set at 1 billion. euro.

While it remains unclear how the RAS will do to their developments on the study of the planets and their satellites. Apparently, the role in the program ExoMars could push such projects such as Mars or the Astron-NET-2 on the back burner due to their overhead.

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