Roscosmos can convert into a state corporation

Roscosmos can transform into a state corporationThe Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) is preparing proposals to transform the agency into a state corporation for example, "Rosatom", said the head Roscosmos Popovkin. On it informs RIA announcements.

Speaking about the "debriefing" after a bad start rocket "Proton-M" Popovkin said: "We had a hard conversation with the Prime Minister and the President. Such a situation does not suit the country's governance."

"All the criticism that was voiced in the address of Roskosmos — is impartial. Nothing can take away," — he admitted.

August 7 due to malfunction of the block "Breeze-M" abnormally ended launch rocket "Proton-M", to put into orbit communication satellites, "Express-MD2" and "Telkom-3".

Turning to the issue of control properties at the branch enterprises, Popovkin saw that "if we talk about the system properties, we currently are in the transition from the properties of the control system for production of a quality management system."

"We are conducting this work. Given this tragedy, we have the job, of course, will adjust. But the main areas of work that are, we'll keep them," — he said.

In listing these areas, Popovkin referred to "the establishment of independent monitoring system properties under the jurisdiction of Roscosmos, inferring the quality control department of subordination foremen, the closure of these units deputy managing companies for the quality, coordination purpose of these officials with Roscosmos in order to give them the highest independence."

"We provide a variety of other arrangements," — said Popovkin. "We are introducing the 13 steps control over the creation gallakticheskoy technology. At each step, we will hear the officials to make decisions, give advice. This will allow not miss the comments in step flight tests, but to warn them at a early stages of", — said V. Popovkin.

"Generally, when we talk about the transition to a system of quality management — is the transition from the system to troubleshoot the system to prevent them," — he said.

"This work we perform.'s Just that we will have to speed it up, — said Popovkin. — With regard to the organizational plans, which issued instructions to Prime Minister, it is necessary given the importance gallakticheskoy activities and the fact that in the conduct of Roscosmos businesses are responsible for the creation of strategic nuclear forces, to strengthen the vertical management of the sector, not just "pain in the ass", and the second, third, quadruple the levels of cooperation. "

"As one of the options we will consider the creation of state corporations Roscosmos similar to the "Rosatom" — said Popovkin. — Such proposals we prepare. The final word will be for the Prime Minister and the President of our country. "

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