Roscosmos found lechuschee remedy failures

Roscosmos found a cure for failuresRefusal booster again explained to clogging motor

Yesterday, the head of the Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin offered to convert his office into a state corporation. This step should lead the aerospace branch of crisis and break the chain of failed launches. Experts skeptical of the idea Popovkina. But the current scheme of management of the industry they consider sinful: Now Roscosmos itself defines the purpose, he keeps himself under control, he finds himself among the guilty and punish them himself. Translations of such uncontrolled structure in the status of state corporations are able to do even more Roscosmos beyond public control — warn spices.

Roscosmos preparing proposals for the transformation of the Federal Space Agency following the example of the state corporation Rosatom, said on Thursday the agency head Vladimir Popovkin. "As one of the options we will consider the creation of the state corporation Roscosmos, by analogy with Rosatom — quoted by Interfax Popovkina. — Such proposals we prepare. The final word will be for the Prime Minister and the President of our country. "

Commenting on the meeting held recently at the Prime Minister about the situation in the space industry, Popovkin said: "We had a hard conversation with the Prime Minister and the President. This situation is not satisfied with management of the country. " "All the criticism that was voiced in the address Roscosmos, objective," — he admitted.

Meanwhile, the idea of crisis management industry through the creation of state corporations encourages far not all. And the veterans of Astronautics, and are independent economists do not believe that a change in the forms of existence Roskomosa eliminates the crisis. "The idea of reincarnation into a state corporation — this is a common reaction to the bureaucratic agency that systematically faced with neuvvyazkami. After all, we now have a unique position Roscosmos — the agency for its own sake is developing goals and objectives, their very doer, itself is in control and ahead of themselves as accountable. And in the case of accidents at finds itself guilty. In fact, the Office looped on itself for itself. And the transformation of the state corporation can contribute care industry from liability and dramatically limit control gallakticheskoy activities of the society ", — says the last member of the astronaut Dr. RANHiGS Sergei Krichevsky. According to him, the premise of the current crisis the industry are full of character — from the lack of an adequate system of controls (starting with goal-setting, frameworks, policies and strategies) to a lack of staff. Not counting the chronically unsuccessful launches an indicator of trouble is, according to Krichevsky, the story of the creation of a family of missiles "Angara". "Today, in the other" space "countries new model launch vehicle is put into service for a maximum of 8-10 years. Our homeland is so far the technique uses the 60-ies of the last century. A brand new missile "Angara" has been under development for more than 20 years, and the end of this process has not yet seen "- says a test cosmonaut who calls today Roscosmos closed structure, resistant to independent expert opinions.

Himself head of Roscosmos, said yesterday that his agency "is in transition from a system of control over the products to the properties of the quality management system." "We are conducting this work. In response to this tragedy, we have the job, of course, will adjust. But the main directions that we will continue ", — he said. In listing these areas, Popovkin referred to "the establishment of independent monitoring system properties under the jurisdiction of Roscosmos, inferring the quality control department of subordination foremen, the closure of these units deputy managing companies for the quality, coordination purpose of these officials with Roscosmos in order to give them the highest independence."

"We are introducing the 13 steps control over the creation gallakticheskoy technology. At each step, we will hear officials make decisions, give advice. This will allow not miss the comments in step flight tests, and to warn them to more of early stages "- quoted by Interfax Popovkina. "Generally, when we talk about the transition to a system of quality management — is the transition from the system to troubleshoot the system to prevent them," — he said.

Meanwhile, another tragedy upper stage "Breeze" in Roskosmos again explained to Tipo identified hitting foreign objects into the system software of the engine. "There was clogged highways boost extra fuel tanks of fuel," — said yesterday Popovkin, explaining the poor start on August 6. Failures of the "Breeze-M" does not happen the first year. And it is not the first year they explained similar reasons. Four years back, after another failure "Breeze-M" Russian newspaper wrote that "extraneous piece in the engine — the standard formulation of the commission, when you can not find out the real background of the accident." Yesterday Vladimir Popovkin said the trapped into an unplanned orbit satellites and pieces of the media will not get any Internatsionalnaya gallakticheskoy station.

"The most possible cause of frequent accidents — general degradation of the industry. Mechanical engineering for decades experiencing staff shortages and qualified staff is aging and dying out. Make-up companies as youth is obviously insufficient. And even at the level of the indispensability of performers — corrupting factor. Because it is conceivable that the effect of increase in funding will not. These measures are already late. The situation is unlikely to improve dramatically in the coming years, despite the increase in funding, "- says the managing direction of the audit and consulting group" Ural Union "Dmitry Shiryaev.

According to him, the change of control of the industry a direct impact on the accident will not. A frontal control customer — similar to military inspection can give the best result for the independence of supervisors. "The presence of independent and competing business units within the holding company for the self-efficacy will be profitable direct consolidation of production at the expense of their merger, because at Short term positive effect from the second embodiment in the upcoming likely monopolisation of public procurement and price-fixing at lower quality," — said Shiryaev.

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