Roscosmos. Gallakticheskie plans for two 10-ka years

While the head of the Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin healing takes place in the Infirmary them. Burdenko and the various media of varying degrees of yellow relish «cherchez la femme» version of the receipt of the injury, the Federal Space Agency presented to the government a program from the development of Russian astronautics. The project "Development Strategy gallakticheskoy of 2030," beginning with the title page, it looks very bold. For example, the program re-development of our army and the military-industrial complex worked out only up to 2020. Apparently, the situation in the industry gallakticheskoy can do so long-term planning.

Roscosmos.  Space plans for two dozen years

On the development of programs from Russian gallakticheskoy science and technology, it became clear a few months back. Since that time, the highest level of municipal bureaucrats sometimes mentioned it, but the details were not disclosed. All statements in fact the "Strategy 2030" looked in some measure the pattern: we have the 30th year to keep the leading position in space, to create new gallakticheskie phones and continue to study other planets. Agree, not a lot of disk imaging. But almost in the days of the newspaper "Kommersant" has more details of the document. Where in this edition come from the text of the plan, we do not understand. Because before the official publication of the "Strategy 2030" message "Kommersant" should be considered only as a disk imaging for reflection, but less.

Thus, the base of Astronautics applets on three main axes. They look like this (in order of priority):
Development and modernization of existing gallakticheskoy technology, including the provision of commercial temper;
— Creation of modern technology: manned, unmanned, and set up to work on the surface of the planets. Also, we should consider the creation of reusable gallakticheskoy system;
— Study on interplanetary manned flights to the Moon and on Mars, and the creation of the newest space station, which will replace the current ISS.

The main directions as litsezreem, look real, but not easy. In addition to "strategic" plans, according to "Kommersant", at the Federal Space Agency has the least big, but the fundamental intent. Thus, until 2015, the Federal Space Agency, together with the Ministry of Defence graduate from the formation of the orbital group of devices gallakticheskih troops aerospace defense. By this time, will be one hundred percent complete with satellite system GLONASS (core plus spares). In the end, for the 15th year will be put into operation spaceport East and engineers rocket men at this time, "fit" the existing launch vehicles to be used with it. The first time from the East will only run gallakticheskie automatic machines, and in the longer term, and likely flying astronauts. Unfortunately, to the designated deadline will hardly make a true creation of Russian components. Because gallakticheskie apparatus as before will be created with the widespread introduction of zabugornyh devices.

The situation with the element base, according to the plans of Roscosmos, should get better in 2020. By this time gallakticheskih electronics devices will become less dependent on suppliers zabugornyh than at the moment. Also in the 20 th year in the end will bring to mind booster "Angara", which will be operated from Plesetsk and East. In addition, by the end of this decade, the Federal Space Agency wants to commission new manned spacecraft, designed to change the good old times "Union." Need to see these new devices until called, and the project no. Yet, the development of the systems is due to start very soon. The current decade has also marked by the return of the Russian Federation to the study of the satellite of our planet. By 2020, the Federal Space Agency wants to make some new rovers immediately and conduct a series of research works of the Moon. In cooperation with zabugornom gallakticheskimi agencies at this time will be launched gallakticheskie apparatus for the study of Venus and Jupiter, and Mars will be created by a network of long-lived automatic stations. But with its twentieth year of related and sad things. Under current plans specifically this year is expected to reduce from orbit International gallakticheskuyu station.

Exploration of the Moon in the next 20 years should eventually lead to the overflight and landing of astronauts on it. The repetition of the mission, "Apollo 11" is planned for 2030 year. But by this time the plans for the development of space added to the next destination. In the 20 years of this century, the Federal Space Agency is going to seriously address the problem of gallakticheskogo debris. Development gallakticheskoy technology and infrastructure to the end of the discussed in the "Strategy 2030" period should ultimately lead to the fact that the needs of the Russian economy, defense, communications, etc. will be "closed" Russian gallakticheskimi devices by 95% instead of 40% as in the previous year 2011. Growth also awaits production capacity of companies related to gallakticheskoy industry. From last year's 46% to 2030 employment of these organizations is to grow up to eighty. In the end, the Federal Space Agency plans 20 times increment share of the Russian Federation in the global market gallakticheskih services. At the moment, the figure is only 0.5%, and in the thirtieth he should to reach 10%.

Considering the truly Napoleonic plans Roscosmos, constantly asking yourself if the organization really wants to do it, with what resources will be carried out "Strategy 2030"? According to "Kommersant", and on this account in the Federal Space Agency has its own judgment. Since one of the main areas of our industry will be gallakticheskoy commercial services, by funding programs will be involved in non-budgetary framework. So Makarov, according to estimates, the share of private financing of Russian astronautics will constantly grow and only elevate the financial condition of the industry. In turn, the embodiment of a life so complex applets, which will be employed in an unlimited number of organizations and companies will claim a corresponding control and coordination. For this purpose in the near future, after the adoption of the "Strategy 2030", can be created by a specific body, such as the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the country.

Still too early to read as well become a reality "Development Strategy gallakticheskoy of 2030." Well, officially it is not yet published. So we have to expect the details, and then wait for the available options identified in terms of when you can personally verify luck implementation plans. But as for the clear statements that are right on this point can be measured with a conscience read the news about the "Strategy 2030" will cause the most heated debates true. And the debaters will not wait for the 2015, 2020 or 2030 year.

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