Rosoboron ordered to truly

Rosoboron ordered to truly

On the Web site of the government position was taken by the Federal Service for Defense Contracts (Rosoboronzakaz), under which department officially spiraled out of jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence. Since then, the activity itself oversees Rosoboronzakaz government. Structural changes have taken place: the number of specialized departments in department will be expanded to 10. The Minister Lyudmila Vorobyov own post retained.

According to government June 19, Rosoboronzakaz defected to the Government. Despite this, the functions of office configurations do not stick out: it is as before will be focused on the control of tendering and placing orders for products and works on state defense order (SDO). In addition, department will produce the supervision of compliance with the requirements of mandatory technical regulations on products supplied under the SDO. With the transition to work in the government structure at Madame Vorobevoj as before remains four deputies, including one first. Earlier, resignation, or any destination in the leadership department are processed by presidential decree by the Minister of Defence. Now department subordinated directly to the Government, so that a new provision Rosoboronzakaz not approved by presidential decree, and the decree of the government.

The increase to the level of government affected the very structure: the central office departments will be created three additional controls. According to official data Rosoboronzakaz until that time there were seven departments: pricing control and the use of money, military equipment general introduction, aircraft, air and space defense and weapons, ships and naval armaments, military equipment for the purpose of strategic missile forces, communications, automatic management systems, logistics, defense organizations and placing the SDO, as the legal management. On what will specialize in new management, Rosoboronzakaz "b" could not explain, citing a lack of Mrs. Vorobevoj (she is on vacation.) The two sides "b" in the government pointed out that the responsibility for forming the structure of departments lies on his head, but imagine that some of the functions of existing controls can now be transferred to the new one. "Department of Defense Rosoboronzakaz — fully a reasonable solution, as control authorities, asking for independent supervision must not access any of the departments," — identified the source of "b" in the Military-Industrial Commission.

We agree with this and in relevant committees of the State Duma. "It's definitely a positive thing. Need now is to continue to withdraw from the authority and the Ministry of Defense of other structures, such as Rosoboronpostavka (Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment. -" B ") — declared" "Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee Sergei Zhigarev. — It is necessary to do so, that in such structures came experts at not only from tax. And not only from St. Petersburg. " "We did not once advocated the transfer is not only Rosoboronzakaz, and Rosoboronpostavki into submission Military-Industrial Commission — said the" Y "the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Industry, Vladimir Gutenev. — In this matter, as the state defense order, we need independent the judge who would be able to build a fair business between the industry and the military in terms of price. For Defense is a little to be lost, because they will still play a major role in these matters. "

Department of one of the subordinate structures defense minister took no interest, says the source "b" in the office of Anatoly Serdyukov. "How Rosoboronzakaz Rosoboronpostavka and were incorporated into the Defense Ministry, he had read about it as a personal victory," — said the source "b". In general, he said, the impact of the sovereign Serdyukov Rosoboronzakaz like structure on-still in force: "In all these services Serdyukov put major in terms of confidence of people who are ready as ever to listen to it in case of need."

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