Rotary-wing Sizran

Syzransky branch VUNTS Air Force becomes an independent School.


This year, the situation has changed dramatically with the former top military air Syzranskyinsulating Pilot School, which is more than half a century train pilotshelicopters for all law enforcement agencies in Russia. After the revocation of an independent status, reduce and eliminate multiple sets of cadets Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondar put before the command of the military aviation school welcome and at the same time very difficult task, and ordered to provide a record for a set number of students. September 1 will wear uniforms at once 524 freshmen. And so unprecedented plan to set cadets determined not only the current but also in subsequent years up to 2021-th.

Interim Chief Syzransky branch of the Military Training and Research Center of the Air Force, "Air Force Academy named after professor NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin "Colonel Andrei Moiseev outlined the" Red Star "of history unfolded in Syzran sided work on the revival of the independence of the institution.
— The main role played by the position of Chief of the Air Force Gen. Victor Bondarev. He answered "yes" to the question of Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu: "It is necessary to distinguish whether the newly trained helicopter pilots?" It happened in December 2012, the Board at the Ministry of Defence. I believe it is such a simple answer, and the whole attitude of our Commander in Chief at the board decided the fate for flight training for the Air Force of Russia. Now reconstituted just three flight schools, including ours, Syzranskaya aimed at training pilots for the Army Air Corps revived. This will separate the military college. For Voronezh military training and research center will be the role of scientific and methodological center.
Students of the first year in Syzran did not gain a few years a small number of them have taken to study in Krasnodar and Voronezh. Colonel Andrei Moiseev stresses that all those years in college lived in hope for the revival of SVVAUL:
— Barren cadet barracks we kept in conservation regime. Managed through training of foreign students to keep the backbone of the teaching staff. We now need to successfully start the learning process with freshmen need about 14 teachers. Will fund repairs of barracks. The works have already been deployed, made the estimate. If not all of our requests Ministry of Defence will be able to finance, still manage, in the barracks just do minor repairs. We start school even without expanding the teaching staff. The main thing is that the school is reborn!
In addition, it comes back to us all the training helicopter pilots from the first course, by the decision of the Commander in Chief, we again return to the regimental organization. Instead of air bases will be re-training flight shelves Syzran, Pugachev and settlement Sokolova Saratov region. They returned the historic rooms and Combat banner.
Of course, to select 524 people, fit for flight work for health reasons, having a good general education, will not be easy. Especially as the main command of the Air Force facing the task to form cadets put the best of the best. Therefore, we have already formed a headquarters for the reception. We work as a draft board and with the administration of the Federation. The Air Force has provided us a plane, and three of our representatives, including a legend SVVAUL Colonel Pyotr Vasilyev, a multiple world champion in the helicopter sport, went to the propaganda flight. Visit almost all regions of Russia. Even in Kamchatka! Orders are not discussed, and executed, and the problem will be solved by a set …
In connection with the announced direction of the General Staff and the Commander of the Land Forces formation upcoming 2020 14 helicopter crews our graduates are waiting for a bright future. Officer's office again prestigious, and backed by the prestige of this material: the salaries of our graduates today is 50 thousand, and in the Arctic and 70,000 rubles, the housing problem is solved in the aviation wing almost instantly. Let us not ignore the romance of flying profession.
Colonel Andrey Moiseev and led them to the officers of the university Syzran, veterans schools are taking steps to implement the goals of the Russian Air Force commander. By this connected society, and the deputies Syzran Samara region. All work creatively inspired and inventive.
For example, recently in Syzran City Council held a "round table" "Sizran — Helicopter Capital of Russia". Its members, in addition to Colonel Moses, became the head of Victor Khlystov and alumni Syzransky Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots, a former military officer, now a deputy city council Yelistratov Alexander and Vladimir Razenkov, Chairman of the Board of Veterans School retired Colonel Victor Rudikov.
On the quest to recruit freshmen this year reported to the Assistant Commissioner of the military Syzran Nicholas stomach. He informed that received more than 50 applications from potential applicants. Colonel Andrei Moiseev said that on the first open day on February 16 at the school was visited by more than 700 young men. And among them were not only syzrantsy, but residents of neighboring regions, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and other regions.
As the chairman of the Board of Veterans School retired Colonel Victor Rudikov, during the existence of SVVAUL none of its graduates did not violate the military oath, did not refuse to serve in the "hot spots." And for their courage and heroism in the performance of military duty, 60 high school pupils were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation. In the "helicopter capital of Russia" now working hard for the sake of the revival of the Armed Forces of the Army Air Corps and the multiplication of its glorious traditions.

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