Russia and China threatened insects

As soobshayut, territory of two states suffered from the invasion of insects. In Russia, because of the hordes of locust emergency situation in 14 districts of the Volgograd region. Meanwhile in China, a huge mass of caterpillars, crossed the road, stopped the movement of trains.

Caterpillar plague in northern China stopped the freight train. Swarms of insects, a solid mass crossing the railroad tracks in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, forced the driver to slow down first, and then stop the train.

Crawling caterpillars have covered about a kilometer routes. The train was able to continue to move only after the road workers with shovels and brooms cleared the rails from an unexpected obstacle. It took three hours. "I heard that track short-circuit in the electrical circuits and forced the train to stop, but he saw it the first time" — quote "BBC News" traffic police officer, who witnessed the event.

According to experts, the caterpillars spodvigli the crossing over the railroad tracks looking for food. Before that, they were completely stuffed leaves of apricot trees on a nearby hill. The appearance of such a huge number of insects can be caused by weather anomalies, suggest scientists.

Meanwhile, another species of insects created a threat to a number of Russian regions. According to the MOE, the mass reproduction and distribution of locusts observed in 14 districts of the Volgograd region, RIA Novosti reported. The area inhabited by pests, is 150 hectares.

Most massive locust swarms observed in areas Pallasovsky, Autograph and Nicholas districts. "After the benchmark survey provided data on the extent of necessary protection works. Planned to be treated with 32 thousand hectares of air and 95.5 thousand hectares of land means," — According to the regional emergencies department.

The regional branch of the Federal "Rosselhoztsentr" explained that the region was the fifth consecutive year the most dangerous — the gregarious phase of locusts — Italian locust and Asian migratory locust. "Most dangerous is the Italian locust. Larva pest Hatched May 26, within 40 days it will develop until it is on the wing and begin to migrate," — said the director of branch Raisa Lipchanskaya.

The most difficult was the situation in Pallasovsky area where there may be a risk of an emergency. On the eve of the Volgograd region authorities decided to allocate the area 6.6 million rubles for locusts found in large numbers on the 30 hectares.

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