Russia bankrupt as the USSR

Russia bankrupt as the USSR

South American businessman and investor Louis Woodhill offered to break the back of countries not pleasing to Washington, using the strategy of Ronald Reagan. Among the states that threaten U.S. national security, he referred to Iran, Russia and Venezuela, which should be brought to bankruptcy by the same method, how the 40th president of the United States ravaged Russian Alliance.
"The regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad transfers centrifuges to enrich uranium under the ground to protect its nuclear program from from possible attack — interpreted the essence of the claims of a publication in Forbes. — Under the baton of Vladimir Putin Our homeland has announced program from re-price at $ 635 billion, intending to buy 600 new aircraft , 1000 helicopters and 100 vessels over the next 10 years. And Venezuela extends throughout Latin America, "Bolivarian Revolution" Hugo Chavez. "

Next Woodhill wonders how America can counter these threats of national security? And here he says, "Before you send (in these countries), the Marine Corps, we could achieve stabilization of bucks. Strong Bucks in the 80's was the main instrument of Ronald Reagan in the destruction of the Russian Union which was much more severe enemy, than those with which we are currently facing. "

When Reagan came to power in January 1981, the USSR was flexing its muscles. In 1979 he invaded Afghanistan and then also supported the Sandinista party in Nicaragua, recalls the creator of the article. A Russian Leonid Brezhnev's favorite appointed course, according to which the advance to communism there were irreversible.

In turn, Reagan started the arms race and has made efforts to strengthen the national currency. The measured rate of returned dollar oil prices within limits that affected the cash receipts into the treasury of the Russian state. The reduction of external revenue caused the economy USSR such a blow from which it never recovered.

In support of his own words Woodhill quoted the price increases oil. According to him, over 10 years — from 1971 to 1981 — the USSR proceeds from the export of dark gold rose by 158% without any effort by the Russian government. But when Snow White came home Ronald Reagan, Moscow had to evenly tighten the belt. Supporting the financial control policies of the U.S. Federal reserve Paul Walker, president launched an attack on inflation, which noticeably affected the global prices of oil and gold.

By March 1985, when the power in the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev came, cost Crude oil reduced from $ 84.51 to $ 52.24 per barrel. And just a year later, prices had fallen to $ 22.85 per barrel of crude oil on the Soviet Union lost 73% of their income from oil exports in real terms. The next four years of low prices for hydrocarbons put Russian regime to the brink of bankruptcy.

In May 1990, Gorbachev met with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and asked him for a loan of 20 billion German marks to prevent financial disaster, recalls Louis Woodhill. Kohl sent to the Soviet treasury only 5 billion summer of 1990, Gorbachev again asked for help, but it was too late: Russian Alliance began to fall apart.

Specifically, such makarom should act now to the United States, according to analysts and investors. He writes that the strategy of Ronald Reagan in bankruptcy of the USSR "can and should be used against Iran, Venezuela, and the successor State of the Union of Russian." Once again, drawing a parallel with the period of the 1980s., It shows that the futures price of crude oil, as then, is just over $ 80.

In addition, Congress and the Federal replacement system, as in the days of Reagan, attended the question of stabilization of the national currency. According to the bill number 1638 tabled in Congress by Representative Ted Poe, the Fed must assign an exact date and time when the dollar exchange rate will be stable.

According to the calculations Woodhill, with the right approach, the price of crude oil will drop to about $ 35 per barrel. This will reduce the revenues of Iran, Russia and Venezuela, on the export of raw materials over the limit by about 57% from current levels, which immediately "will reduce their ability to fix the problem." And in the future, such a reduction in income threatens to these countries collapse of the regime, as it happened with Russian Union.

"To have a measured economy and constant currency markets, we must have measured the buck — sums Woodhill. — The measured buck need to frisky economic growth, full employment, and present prosperity. And as a bonus: what good for America, will be just as bad for our enemies. "

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