Russia continues to surround

Russia continues to surround

Russian Federation has since progressed in the way of "getting up off its knees" that even such a "great power" as Romania can be insolent Moscow. Bucharest is not a lot of that has agreed with the United States on a private placement areas on the former Air Force base Deveselu near the Bulgarian border parts of a missile defense. Talks about placing a U.S. base were about a year old.

May 9, Romanian President Traian Basescu "congratulated" the Russian Federation, saying that "Romania does not want to give any legal guarantee of the Russian Federation" of the U.S. missile defense not directed against it.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed "concern" and stated that the situation is "in the future may make it dangerous for the Russian strategic nuclear deterrent." In addition, the Russian Federation claimed "legal guarantees" that the system will not be targeted against us. Simply sophomoric. A against whom it is aimed — against "Al-Qaeda" against Iran, North Korea, aliens, after all!? Hitler suspended the "legal guarantees" before the attack on Russia, the Soviet Union? It seems as legally we have all been fine, even a non-aggression agreement was.

The U.S. State Department has once again assured the "junior partners" that everything is fine, they say, there is no danger of placing a missile defense base in Romania, the Russian Federation shall not be held. Ordinary duty phrases like this: "Cooperation with Russia on missile defense is the main purpose of the United States."

According to the views of the chairman of the "Movement for Development" Yuri Krupnova, these are the words of Foreign Minister of "a beautiful formula diplomatic recognition of the political defeat of Russian Federation." Another defeat after a UN Security Council resolution to implement a no-fly zone over Libya, where Russia is practically agreed with anger, and later declared "excess of the resolution."

Almost U.S. is doing in Eastern Europe, the chain bases, the only military significance that — it's a blow to our strategic nuclear forces in the event of their starters. Warsaw joined to Romania, Bulgaria subsequent to the queue.

There is a gradual build-up of abilities NATO and the United States and the southern borders of Russian Federation. U.S. planning to withdraw its own troops out of Afghanistan, not quite willing to go out of the region and did overtures "soil" in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In Kyrgyzstan the main initiator of the development of cooperation with NATO and the United States — President Roza Otunbayeva Isakovna. At the initiative of Clinton, she was awarded the prize the U.S. State Department, in Brussels, she met with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Otunbayeva has offered NATO together to protect the southern border of the Republic, to build Counterterrorism Center in Osh or Batken, send to assist law enforcement authorities Kyrgyzstan NATO professionals.

May 10 in Kyrgyzstan came to visit the official dealer NATO Central Asia and Caucasus James Appathurai. He offered to help complete repairs of military depots, which houses the heavy weapons and ammunition. In addition, it may be that the Kyrgyz armed forces perceive the role of NATO in the newest program there in preparation for peacekeeping operations.

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