Russia does not have enough funds to modernize the army, so she longs nuclear disarmament of China (Blog Chinese military analyst Ma Dinshena, China)

Convened by the council of the Defense Ministry named President Medvedev has summed up the results for the past year, considering it all only as "persistent samples meet the standards," noting that about 60% of the units (can be a "team", highlighted the creator — approx. Lane.) Non-operational . The main prerequisite for such situation is the lack of the required mass military modernization sverhtehnologichnym instrument, as well as systems of attack and defense, appropriate level of the 21st century. The President of the Russian Federation stated that the number of troops has already been reduced to 1 million people, but the transition of most units to the contract form of service one hundred percent failed. Chief of the General Staff, Army General Makarov confirmed that the Russian Armed Forces will not go on this way, and in the foreseeable future will be equipped by conscripts. No money — no updates and the ability to park the arms, as well as the modernization solutions in terms of the personnel of the Armed Forces.

From the days of the Soviet Union, is one of the world leaders in the military, and to the hard-vaunted Putin and Medvedev period "return (combat) Glory" received during the 10-s years of general approval plans for the development of national defense in the end were similar to the "something to tiger head and tail of a serpent "(similar to the phrase" a good start, but bad end "," bulldog mix with a rhinoceros "- approx. lane.). Since the "kitchen debate" Khrushchev and Nixon (a chance meeting and conversation in the kitchen July 24, 1959 during Nixon's visit to the USSR in the South American exhibit — approx. Lane.) Before the fall of the Berlin wall time put everything in its place. Now Chief Medvedev focuses on the development of the modern army, provided new standards of arms, as the main point of modernization, as well as their gradual upgrade. According to the plan, by 2020 the weapons need to be updated by 70%. Unfortunately, a couple of years of being Medvedev as president of their procurement process takes place very slowly. Storage and disposal of obsolete weapons delivered from bad to worse, and large explosions at military depots in the past year — it's only the tip of the iceberg.

Forces are making every effort to reduce and simplify, of 365 thousand 200 thousand officers reduced, compulsory military service was reduced to 12 months, in the course of defense modernization calculation is based only on military personnel, of which 64 thousand must be translated into the contract. At the moment, the soldier salary is 8,000 rubles (276 U.S. dollars), which is lower than the level of the average wage, even in depressed regions. The ministry of defense insists that the armed forces should receive a salary not less than 80% of the 35 thousand rubles ($ 1200), which corresponds to the salary of lieutenant. In practice, however, whether the Minister of Defence, the Chief of Staff or the newly appointed Commander of the Army, they all recognize that the plans to fill a fighter by the contract are not feasible, due to the fact that the special article on them cut by 86% to 3.6 billion rubles (124 million dollars), which is enough to teach (and content) of 250 contractors (all numbers in the text, apparently, the creator believes the remaining amount minus 64 thousand military personnel, calculation formula is not entirely clear — approx. lane.) .

Russian Armed Forces are the leading force in strategic exercises "Vostok-2010". Medvedev wants to check (troops) in the areas adjacent to the Chinese northeast. A funding will that be?

Both days are in Washington said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, after the conclusion of the contract on the reduction of strategic offensive nuclear weapons Our homeland lust and open a discussion on the issues of disarmament steps. Medvedev said: "Nuclear-free world can not be achieved by reducing the nuclear arsenals of Russia and the United States. Some of our closest partners must be of approximately the same intention to reduce its own offensive capabilities, as our homeland and the U.S.. Need to convince them to do the appropriate action. " Nuclear disarmament will save RF billion dollars on military spending, but again there is a fear that, in connection with the development of China's nuclear weapons, this situation looks so that someone loses, someone finds it is not less than the loss of a single strategic advantages over China. But is the same "close associates" Our homeland and China are not "brothers in mind?" For what Medvedev is constantly talking about China?

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Newcomer 2010-04-19 00:10:41

poop21 2010-04-19 00:21:38
Let's recall the so referred to as "external surgery" of the USSR after the war about. Chzhenbao (Fr. Damanskii, apparently an allusion to the Soviet Union plans to nuke the Chinese centers of heavy industry, which has led to panic in China — approx. Lane.) In 1969. Ouch! How do we then strain. Here they have the same right now.

Achzhan 2010-04-19 00:23:50
I always think that you, old Ma, a sort of deep hatred and desire for revenge have toward "laomaotsz" (Russian contemptuous nickname — approx. Lane.), Analyzing your arguments, you come to the conclusion that what you have- other plans, as in Russian!

"Fentsin" (Young nationalist concrete — approx. Lane.) 2010-04-19 00:24:27
The more to a relative they say — so you have to be careful, "laomaozts" — does not really suck!

Achzhan 2010-04-19 00:24:43
Accordingly hates Russia.

Newbie mobile 2010-04-19 00:42:13
Reasonable, "laomaotsz" a lot of chatter, China does a lot.

Cool with hot blood 2010-04-19 00:43:55
Take the place!

Yang Guang 2010-04-19 1:03:01
Keep teacher Ma. Our homeland — is a never-ending threat to us, I am glad when they cry.

Newbie with a mobile number 2010-04-19 1:05:45
Ol 'Ma straight visionary for the entire article and have not seen the main danger to us? Yankee plunder our resources, and terrible than the Russian?

Brave Lion sober 2010-04-19 1:24:50
I support the views of antiquity Ma.

Newbie mobile 2010-04-19 1:49:46
This is just a guess, no need to give such a huge difference!

Newcomer 2010-04-19 2:29:38
Our homeland and the U.S., both have strong support in India, why not China supports Iran?

Newbie mobile 2010-04-19 7:23:58
In a word, old Ma, Dad, succumbed to the heat.

Sidyashy on a heavenly steed with arrows 2010-04-19 9:19:14
No money, well, silent for others.

Newcomer 2010-04-19 9:36:53
America does not reduce its 10,000 warheads, while China and the birthplace of our brave so that does not build up its nuclear forces? The problem — in the United States, the problem of — is secondary.

Newbie mobile 2010-04-19 11:38:25
That's right, old Ma! You should not read, we do not know what our homeland and China are not any closer.

Lofty Archer 2010-04-19 14:50:57
Our homeland — an extremely insolent and shameless country for what she can not be trusted.

(Further comments went in the direction of abuse of, India and Vietnam, as well as the theme of Russian conquest of Chinese territories, some objected that the U.S. — the enemies of poglavnee — approx. Lane.)

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