Russia draped like a bear in a den

Russia draped like a bear in a den

The sharp aggravation of the situation around Syria and Iran, the rhetoric of the South American and Russian control over the contract on ordinary Armed Forces in Europe, ABM and START, not "speak" and "cry" of the approach of the world's population to the next global war.

Though, in fact, the global war has been going on long time ago, and she did not stop, "Cold War", the death of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, the operation September 11, 2001, the Afghan and Iraq campaigns, all the links of one chain. The process of construction of the "New World Order". And the Arab unrest — a translation of World War II in the subsequent step, a "hot". Make a future global front, "North against South", which should burn significant part of the population, infrastructure, large regions, accumulated weapons and ammunition.

Russia draped like a bear in a den

Only the fall of 2011, the United States and NATO have made a couple of steps, which they say about the plans of the West better than words:

— September 2 there was news about the agreement between Turkey and the United States to host a mobile radar missile warning in the southeastern part of the Turkish nation which will be part of the U.S. missile defense system. The news caused irritation not only in Moscow, and Tehran.

— September 13 the United States and Romania have signed a contract to place mobile battery SM-3 missile defense system in the Romanian countryside. In March 2010, Romanian President Traian Basescu told about 3 batteries (24 launchers).

— In the middle of September has come into force, the agreement between the United States and Poland to host interceptor missiles missile defense system. Their mean position on a military base "Redzikovo", 150 kilometers from Gdansk. Earlier, in June 2011, Warsaw and Washington signed an agreement to place on the Polish countryside unit which will service the aircraft of the U.S. Air Force. A group of American military strength of about 20 people will deal with the F-16 fighter jets and military transport planes "Hercules", which will be based in Poland to train Polish troops on a rotational basis. Under the agreement, servicing units are due to arrive in Poland in 2012, and the South American planes due to arrive in 2013.

— November 12 at a meeting in Honolulu Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and South American president Barack Obama has once again had to admit that the dialogue on European missile defense stalled. The United States as in the past want to have their own elements of a missile defense system near the Russian borders and the right do not want to give Moscow any written guarantees.

— November 14 Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said that the United States is ready to deploy missile defense elements in using warships not only in the Mediterranean Sea, as stated earlier, and in the Black Sea, the North, Baltic and Barents Seas. According to Lavrov, "We can not arrange it."

— November 16, deputy head of the U.S. State Department Wendy Sherman told reporters that Snow White House can not provide the Russian Federation legal guarantees regarding the direction of the missile defense system.

— November 22, there was news that the United States stops the "certain obligations" under the Treaty on ordinary Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty with regard to Russia. According to the press service of the manager of South American Municipal Department Victoria Nuland, the United States will be as before to honor the agreement and make all obligations in respect of all the participating countries, except Russia.

— November 25 British Minister for Europe David Lidington said that Britain stops providing the RF information on CFE. The premise is named Russia's refusal to make its obligations under the Treaty on ordinary armed forces in Europe. The minister said that the decision was made at a meeting of the Joint Advisory Group on the CFE Treaty in Austria, which was held on November 22.

According to the views of the Director of the Center for Military Forecasting, corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences Anatoly Gypsy, a move the United States over the CFE connected with the situation in the Mediterranean, "Near our southern border NATO will in December and January grouping that will strike on Syria." The final decision apparently perceive in December, at the summit of the North Atlantic contract. For the remainder of the West intends to answer the question of how to react to the situation of our homeland defense around, a war against Syria and that Damascus would do to have a full-scale resistance, or throw out the "white flag." Until January of NATO will be regrouped for a war with Syria. And Moscow to notify no one wants.

And the process, to judge by this announcement has already been launched — U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "George W. Bush" will be redeployed from the Persian Gulf to the coast of the Syrian Arab Republic. The aircraft carrier capable of carrying up to 70 units of aircraft, including 48 fighters, attack planes.

And Ankara had found another excuse to intervene in Syria: Turkish media said on Syrian countryside near the Turkish countryside created training camp for militants from the Kurdistan Workers' Party. In addition Kurds are planning to move their bases from the territory of Iraq, where it strikes the Turkish army in Syria.

Damascus refused to make an ultimatum to the Arab League (LAS), ignoring the requirement for hosting of Arab observers. Previously referred to the League of Damascus "an instrument of foreign intervention." According to the views of Syrian control, the League serves the interests of the Western world, which is absolutely plans to destabilize the Middle East region. And the ultimatum of the Arab League Damascus referred to "a humiliating blow."

It is expected that the ministers of the Arab League member states will meet in the coming day or two to discuss the impact of the measures on the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Earlier unchanged Representative of Egypt to the League Afifi Abdul Wahab said, if the regime of Bashar al-Assad refuses to sign the Arab League proposal, then the Council of the Organization will introduce economic sanctions. Namely, the Arab countries are planning to complete the commercial air service to CAP, stop all transactions with the Syrian central bank, freeze the assets of Assad's regime and all contracts with the Syrian government, except for those related essential products for the population.

Almost Syria continue to block, exacerbating an already difficult economic situation of the country and the population. The goal is clear — to cause increased dissatisfaction with the Syrian people. Position of the Syrian opposition will be strengthened, besides we are talking about putting pressure on the political, military and economic elite of the country, so she shifted Bashar al-Assad. After this coup power in the country will go Sunnis, the implementation of the plan of creation, "the Sunni caliphate" will continue. Iran will lose its footing.

Now the Syrian government remains the last outpost of an old international law. If this Arab country will become like Libya, the object of attack by the Alliance or other external enemies of the Assad regime (Turkish Sunni monarchies), this would mean that the global system led by the United Nations will be "thrown to the dustbin
of history."

What can counter this our home?

NATO Dmitry Medvedev gave quite a tough response, which the country does not have long beheld (some have already decided that this is the pre-election move, geared more to the Russian people than on the favorites of the West). And in a rather symbolic setting, SG, interior tricolors. Almost Russian favorite read about the war, now — about the "cold". According to the President, Our homeland is ready without hesitation to join it, so as not to allow the full deployment of European missile defense system.

Medvedev said that he gave the order:

— in-1's, to enter into the combat system of radar missile warning (EWS) in the Kaliningrad region;

— in-2, to strengthen the cover strategic nuclear forces (SNF);

in-3, equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), promising to overcome missile defense complexes and new highly warheads;

Fourth, create a set of measures that will be focused on ensuring the ability of the defeat of information and control of funds missile defense system.

NATO also threatened to place on the west and the south of the Russian Federation modern percussion weapons systems that are capable of as needed to kill the European part of the missile defense system, abandon the further steps in the field of arms control and disarmament, to get out of the Contract on START, which signed only 18 months back.

Force Commander Aerospace Defense (ASD) Oleg Ostapenko said that the brand-new radar station in the Kaliningrad special district will provide an opportunity to produce a valid control missile launches on the depth of Europe, and from the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. It will allow Russian armed forces to control the work of European missile defense system.

In the Kaliningrad region in rather short time-horizon radar built a distant detection "Voronezh-DM" (Pioneer in the village near Kaliningrad). This is really a unique facility for a very important national security of the Russian Federation. With the help of a radar can pinpoint launches of ballistic missiles within 4-6 kilometers. But the work of the radar in the decimeter range ensures overcharge, in comparison with the stations of past generations, the accuracy of measuring the characteristics of the target. Besides radar "Voroneg DM" constructed so that as the need may be sufficiently rapidly increase its technical ability to detect and identify enemy missiles.

According to the commander EKR, for service on the radar in the Pioneer already prepared spices. Now the team needs only about putting the newest station in the early warning system. Radar "Voronezh" should be the basis for a system of missile warning of. These radar stations previously put into operation in the village of Lekhtusi near St. Petersburg and near the town of Armavir. After the Kaliningrad radar station on combat duty should put a radar station in the Irkutsk region.

The President said that Moscow is ready to place on the west and south of the shock weapons systems, apparently, that he is referring to the operational-tactical missile complex (OPEN) "Iskander". While OPEN "Iskander" are armed with just one team — in the Leningrad region. Talking about these missile systems was already long time ago, so our chief of General Staff reported that they were put into service or in the Kaliningrad region, or country of Belarus. OPEN capable of attacking different targets, including missile systems, air defense systems and missile defense radars, command posts and communications centers, airports, important targets civilian infrastructure of the enemy at a distance of 50-500 km. In addition, unpredictable movement line of rockets and invisible to enemy radar, which guarantees the development of a "stealth" makes "Iskander" is practically invulnerable to the American anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) "Patriot" and their European counterparts. The indisputable advantage OPEN "Iskander" is its portability.

Clearly, this is not all, a lot of work to lead in the field of strategic nuclear forces, aerospace defense, air defense missile, the modernization of the Air Force, Navy actually repair that will be able to not only protect the coast, and to act in the oceans. Work on the equipment ground units army air defense.

On the disposition of World War II

At beginning of the war there, not counting the conceptual, ideological, outside and internal political circumstances, which we do not yet touch, very powerful economic base. The modern capitalist economy, in its essence, was based on the lending rate and credits, and that's why it always develops in cycles, going through a very powerful crisis of overproduction. The growth of industrial production, housing, use, which is stimulated by credit injections, always leads to a crisis of overproduction and debt collapse. This is the basis of modern capitalism, the Western system, which is distributed to the entire planetoid, you can not endlessly go into debt at some point for any errors, debts to pay.

Global war is a way to reboot the global economy. The owners of the West have long uttered the world (with the help of Hollywood) that they are willing to do — run the "reset", the human civilization should be updated in the fire of World War II. The economic sense of the war — it's utilization of industrial production and the associated population. Weapons, equipment, infrastructure, cities, states undergo significant damage. Recall that before the first and second world war were done just the mountain guns, ammunition, and then there was a war of their utilization. Both wars have led to a significant breakthrough in the development of the world's population, there have been scientific and technological revolution. The meaning of World War II that have to clear the construction site for a new global construction (construction of another "New World Order").

During the take-off of the USSR, believed that a new crisis the world's population will be able to overcome with the development of a loved one, and then the distant cosmos, but all programs from development of the Moon, Mars, were forgotten or postponed in the long box. The population of the earth is on the back has long been trodden trail — a big war in the day or agenda.

The question is, who will be more wise in this world struggle and get all the benefits from the end of the war — the West, China, the Islamic world, Our homeland? In the last war, the biggest winners USA.

Today's Anglo-Saxons also not averse to once again go to the Kings. For this you need to finish the secular regimes in the Islamic world (first in Syria), to establish constructive power of Islamists everywhere (to make a "Sunni Caliphate") and Muslims clash with Europe and Russia. Enemies of Muslims will also India and China. This war will solve a lot of problems:

— would be bloodless Our homeland and its territory, natural resources and the population will serve as "building blocks" for the "Atlantic Alliance" (as Z. Brzezinski).

— Islamic world will not survive this fight, Islam finish disturb the owners of the West to establish their own order on the entire planet.

— Europe will have severe injuries and how, after the second world war (even more), will fall under the Anglo-Saxons. Also to be disposed of much of the European infrastructure (since war will go, and in the towns of Europe, taking into account the number of Muslim communities in European countries) of the population.

— Bereavement incur Indian and Chinese civilization, maybe even fall under the weight of internal and external shocks.

— Israel will not survive the war.

To stop the script, you need to create a powerful alliance majestic Eurasian powers — China, India, Iran, Russia, and the
most massive European countries — Germany, France and Italy. Forgotten controversy. It should be noted that in Europe, the Anglo-Saxons play the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria.

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