Russia has again started forest fires. The past year has been a lesson for the authorities

In the south of Primorsky Krai reported first this year forest fires. Found several pockets of fire in the Khasan Nature Park, in areas adjacent to the Gulf of Poset and the federal reserve "Leopard."

As the press-secretary of the Amur branch of WWF Russia Elena Starostin, now fighting the fire officers are hunting and farming.

The main reason is called uncontrolled fires burning dry grass on the eve of spring field work.

Experts notice unusual appearance before the wildfires. Typically, the first fire in the forest region registered with the beginning of April, but this year the snow cover in the southwest Primorye after a series of warm days is almost gone.

Southwest Primorye environmentalists call the "Land of the Leopard." It is here that inhabit one of the last representatives of the rarest subspecies of wild cats — the Amur leopard. To save them, set up reserve "Cedar Pad" and the Federal Reserve "Leopard."

Today, the main threat to this rare species are forest fires, which destroy the habitat of leopards.

Beginning in 2009, for the early detection of fires on Earth Leopard uses information about "hot spots" resulting from automatic processing of satellite imagery.

And since the fall of last year, constantly updated data on the sources of ignition in the southwest Primorye placed on specialized web mapping service "Fires on Earth Leopard."

Interactive map fire areas are displayed in relation to the boundaries of land, protected areas, valuable forest areas.

For the first time to detect fires in the world this year, Leopard will be used and the security camera installed in one of the areas with the greatest fire risk on the rig mobile operator MTS, reports

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