Russia has something to fight the war?

Dmitry Rogozin, unchanging Representative of Russia to NATO:

— Thanks to our fathers and grandfathers who worked in military science and industry of the Union of Russian, we have to make war more than five or ten years. But if not taken positive steps to rebuild the Russian military-industrial complex, our kids are the same to us, "thank you" do not utter.

Ariel Cohen, a leading expert of the "Inheritance" (Washington, DC)

— Our homeland for certain types of weapons left behind so that all you need to buy advanced technology zabugornoy standards and integrate them into their system of the armed forces. Two of the most striking examples of recent years — the Israeli drones and French helicopter-landing ships "Mistral". They do not have to buy from a good life, and I do not see anything threatening your military branch. If our homeland is a method of integration into the global security, it is best to take, and not to steal. And later, in the royal Russian Federation for a long time have purchased certain types of guns, and lend-lease during the second World War, the Americans delivered to you languid technique. You there is nothing new and even more so unsafe.

Mikhail Sorokin, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security:

— Yes, but we were not informed about everything. Hidden under way to develop a new modern weapons, and to make war than it is, but there is a severe contradiction. Defense forms the orders, but their defense industry can not work out completely, as the doctrine of modern defense implies a weapon of last generation. While it is not created, it has to buy abroad, namely, the same drones. One way out — to make a new ministry of defense industry, which would become to keep under control the whole process of creation and development of new types of weapons.

Sergey Maev, chairman DOSAAF of, in 2006-2009, the Director Rosoboronzakaz:

— His instrument. We currently do not heavily dependent on foreign weapons, in general, it had never happened in the foreseeable future will not be. In Russia, there is proprietary technology, unique and powerful research and development of military-industrial potential, which can provide our armed forces with everything necessary. The main thing that this was the will of the control of the country. Exclusively in the hottest head can be born the idea that we have to wage war alien weapon. We already had the experience of purchasing foreign weapons. During the First World War, the Royal Our homeland purchased abroad about 10 million rifles, paying for them with gold. But the rifle has not reached our borders by the end of the war civilian clothes.

Leonid Ivashov, the chairman of the Military Imperial Union:

— This is a difficult question. NATO has significant an advantage over Russia in the equipment and the amount of the armed forces and in the case of a full-scale war will be like a knife through butter, in our country. Our military technology lags behind not only from the West, but even from the east, and the situation must be changed immediately. When the system is Russian production will run from the bottom, releasing benign products for the mass market, creating a sustainable production chain, then you can read about the effectiveness of the production of weapons. After all, cooperation of companies, including civilians, — basic in the defense industry. Because "wage war" to diplomacy, using universities UN, SCO, BRIC, and in parallel to raise the overall level of features Russian weapons.

Miroslav Miller, chairman of the board of directors of "Betta Group":

— All is depending — in which the adversary. In general, when we talk about the real war, the information about arms has always been hidden. And I would not want to violate the law. But there is the exhibition of arms and there we show something worthy. In general, the traditional path from idea to production is more than one decade. And unfortunately, our general armament of the army at this point does not hold water — not in vain, as the situation criticized by both the president and the prime minister. We hold on the basis of Russian weapons and equipment.

Mikhail Nenashev, chairman of the All-Russian public support for the fleet, Captain 1st rank of supplies:

— RF eat than to make war, including decent ships, submarines and naval aviation. The main thing is a tool and technique were adequate preparedness and in safe hands prof. Staff and base for repairs and upgrades we have. And now the Yankees still have a submarine for 50 years. And to us, if the same-Hour Support, and then will continue to be than wage war.

Bordyuzha, Secretary General of the Organization of the Collective Security Contract:

— We have a beautiful MIC. It must be maintained, and it will give to the standards of a beautiful mountain guns, which has no analogues in the world. And all the discussion about what to buy something abroad, because there are better, it is not in the interests of neither the Army nor the country to its own support. And our defense industry will do all that is necessary to the modern Russian army. I'm even in this there is no hesitation.

Andrew Bunic, president of the Union of businessmen and tenants of the Russian Federation:

— I think that has nothing to do. When the Minister of Finance Kudrin was leaving, he said, by no means an army general. If in 1941, the second person in the government resigned with similar words, is even hard to imagine being that in general it would be with the Russian Union. And at the moment is not something that means no, so besides the state defense order is not executed and can not be executed. Not enough that we got married in their own lack of competitiveness, so also signed the fact that we can not absorb the funds given to the army. In general, the very practice of buying weapons in the West — it's a dead end road. This undermines the prospects of our military-industrial complex in the world. The fact of buying weapons indicates that potential traders do not believe in their arms, because buy it from others. MIC — is a branch where planning takes place on 10's years. But when behold the that for the needs of Russian army weapons purchased from strangers, the West no longer rely on us for our technology. So Makar, we do not enough that buying a gun in the West, to withdraw funds from their own economy, besides undermining military-industrial complex, showing the world that do not believe in it.

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