Russia will create a rocket to fly to the moon

Russia will create a rocket-heavyweight to send astronauts to the moon

Federal Space Agency agreed with the Ministry of Defence and the government sent in the concept of development of launch of spacecraft in 2030.

The priority indicated in the document is the creation of super-heavy launch vehicle class capable of output to low-Earth orbit (altitude of about 200 km) payloads weighing up to 70 tons, write "News" citing a senior source in the outer office.

The main purpose of creating such a missile — make have already been made on the implementation of plans for 2028 flight of a new generation of manned spacecraft to the moon. In addition, the missile will also be used for other missions, in particular, for the delivery of unmanned spacecraft to asteroids and other celestial bodies.

The carrier capable of outputting the reference orbit up to 70 tons, will be the most powerful rocket in the world, if we bear in mind the machines that are used and created in the present. For example, a U.S. corporation under construction SpaceX heavy version of the missile Falcon (flight tests are scheduled for 2013) will be able to deliver a low orbit to 53 tons The most powerful medium of the European Space Agency Arian 5 can output up to 21 tons, which is less than 1 m that The withdrawal of Russian "Proton-M". The most powerful variant of the Chinese family of launch Chang Zheng can display up to 25 tons

In its capacity Russian missile-heavyweight will be second only to holders of the last century: the Soviet "Energy", the withdrawal of up to 105 tons, and was built by Werner von Braun, the American Saturn 5 with a record figure of 140 tonnes — this rocket launched expeditions to the moon aboard Apollo.

The development of a new missile is planned for the years 2021-2025, as the launch pad for it will be created at the cosmodrome "East", which is now beginning to build in the Amur region.

Scientists besieged officials: lunar base in the Russian Federation will be 10 years later

However, the creation of the rocket — half the battle. The main objective pursued by the Roscosmos today — building a base on the moon. And this is where the problems start to arise. Earlier it was reported that a landing astronauts on the surface of the Russian Sputnik officials plan to 2030. Meanwhile, scientists consider that option almost utopian.

"To solve this problem, I believe you can come up after 2040, not before. Formerly a resource for this is not enough. If the leadership of the country will begin to speed up the solution of this problem, someone banging his fist on the table and strictly says "Allow me to the moon by such and such a date!" Will, like Americans, there fly here and fly away. And more than anything. And to stay there, it is necessary to look beyond 2030 and to build a base there, which will serve as the objectives of space exploration ", — told reporters, scientific director of the Institute for Science Policy Ivan Moiseev.

"Missile concept of" established after scandal

Aimed at the current government of "rocket" concept was developed by Russian Space Agency on behalf of the Security Council. It happened at a rather controversial circumstances.

Officials have suddenly discovered that working on two similar, very expensive projects. In parallel with the launch "Angara", on which work has been ongoing for almost 20 years, it actually creates a counterpart — rocket "Rus".

Do two similar rockets — too expensive, so from the "Russia" was dropped. In the process of finding the causes of this situation and discovered that the general concept of the missile in Russia simply does not, and then was instructed to write it.


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